8 Life-Transforming Lessons for Teenagers and Young Adults

5 mins read

This is your formative period. The most sensitive period of your life.

The chances of making the wrong choice are high if you’re not guided. But with a little guidance, you’ll become one of the most fortunate beings on earth.

Here are a few of those guides and lessons to get aquatinted with:

1. Sex isn’t a mark of maturity.

When I was still a teenager, sex was one of those things I wanted to try. Mom warned us against girls and told us it was only for adults. I couldn’t wait to be an adult so I could try it.

The day I eventually did. I was like, “… is this what it really is? Is this all there’s to this?… very high few minutes and back to normal after which?”

I thought it would change me somehow, but nope — I was still the guy I was before the act. My voice was still as tiny, tall, and dark-complexioned.

Sex isn’t what many teenagers think it is. It’s more profound when you’ve not had it. The moment you do, it gets into “one of those things” list.

2. The only competition is against yourself

Trying to get even? 
Not an excellent idea.

True, life is a race but… the only difference is that you have one person competing with you. And you know who that person is?


You’re the only one that’s running on the track.

“Well, if that’s true, how do I know I’m winning?”

When you’re better today than you were yesterday.

That’s the only race that you’ve to win.

Others will always be sexier, luckier, prettier, wealthier, and better than you. But it really doesn’t matter. Its importance is only but a mirage.

There’s just one race that is important and that’s the one against the person you were yesterday.

3. You’ll miss being a teenager when you get to your late 30s.

In your late 30s, you’ll see life differently.

The career choice you could have made, but you followed your friend’s line of career. The skill you could have learned but felt was too demanding and that you may never need it.

The memories of the past will hunt you, especially if you didn’t use those opportunities well. But if you did, you’ll wish you’d started earlier than you did.

Your future starts now. Start living as if you’re already there. If you spot a skill and you feel it’s kinda cool to have as an adult, don’t hesitate, learn it.

Life moves faster than you think. Today was yesterday’s future. And in a few hours, it will be tomorrow’s past.

Start taking action with the future in view. That’s the surest way to make the right decisions that will take you to the right place.

4. The most important things in life are not things.

Phones, pieces of jewelry, computer games, designer shoes… Those are wonderful things and stuff we hold dear as teenagers.

True, they’re nice. But… the most important things in life are not things. They’re the intangible acts that survive the trend of fashion and style.

Lending a hand to someone in need; a smile to someone on a terrible day, a lovely message that says I care; a pat on the back, a word of encouragement to someone in pursuit of his dreams…intangible but priceless.

5. Beauty doesn’t count as much in marriage.

Beauty is only skin deep, dear friend. When things get serious — married and have a husband and kids to take care of, a side hustle you’ve got to keep running, relationships you have to keep — beauty is the last thing you’ll think about. You’ve got to rely on something deeper.

And what’s that? Virtues: patience, hard work, consistency, discipline, faith,…

Those are what will eventually count. So work on them while you still have all the time.

6. Every decision is leading you somewhere.

Every day, you’re making an excellent decision or a bad one. And those decisions are shaping your future.

There’s no such thing as not deciding. Even indecision is a decision not to do something.

So get conscious. Know that you’re alive and that you are heading toward your decisions.

If you don’t want to end up where you don’t like, have someone put a close eye on you. Have a superior advisor who helps you see the future and tell you the best action to take.

You’ve just one life. Give it your best shot.

7. You’ll be held responsible for the outcomes of your life

You won’t depend on your parents forever. One day it will all be over. The game will turn around and others will depend on you.

Now you’ve got father and mother showing up and meeting your daily needs. They pay your fees and takes care of your food and clothing.

News flash: soon, it will be over.

So take responsibility. Start preparing yourself for the future. The future is much closer than you think it is.

8. Perfection is a mirage.

Progress is the only reality. Perfection? That’s a mirage. So focus on making progress.

Progress counts and what will give you the satisfaction you’re expecting to get by being perfect.

Setting a goal to be perfect will only leave you frustrated because you’ll never get there. Someone will always be better than you, in some ways.

So focus on becoming a better person today than you were yesterday. Read recent books, learn a new skill, watch something funny and educative,… Just make sure you learn something new every day.

This is a very crucial season of your life. This is where most of your life experiences get determined. So be careful to give life your best shot.

Start doing what will count not just in the now but in many more years to come


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