The Greatest Value You Get In The Pursuit of Your Dreams

3 mins read.

In your pursuit of success in life, two possible events are going to happen:

The first is that you will achieve stuff.

Part of success is an achievement: You will get that contract; you will get the money; you will get the book deal; You will reach the 10k follower’s goal you set for yourself.

In short, you are definitely going to achieve your goals if you persist long enough doing what success requires of you. You are going to have your dream come true if you can persist long enough.

Anthony Moore puts it better:

“If you can be consistent, you can achieve anything_ it’s only a matter of time.”

This is one of the possibilities that take place in the pursuit of your dreams and in the journey of your success. Achievements are the direct products of pursuit. So be rest assured that you will get them. For in every labor there is profit. And for the labor of pursuit, part of the profit is an achievement.

The second is that you will become something.

The first part is good but this is better. What you achieve may be taken from you_ you may even lose them along the way_ but what you become can never be taken from you.

What you become is the only thing that you can be sure to be with you throughout your life. And that’s what you should place a priority on.

If you place a priority on the money, somehow, you may lose the money. And you can’t be sure that life will always want you to save all you earn. Money is like a river, it flows. Somehow, it will flow from you to another man.

So why put so much on something that’s temporal? This is what you should rather do: put that much on what is permanent_ the person you become.

“In the end, the person you become is going to be more valuable than the stuff you achieve.”

The person you become is the most important profit you get from your pursuit as a dreamer. The stuff you get is temporal but the person you become stays for life. It’s like growth, you can only grow up. So as much as the things you achieve are good, who you become is much more priced and that should be your topmost priority.

Success in what you can achieve is good, but success in what you can become is better. I have learnt that life doesn’t actually get better by what we achieve but by who we become. So set your priorities right and dig for gold — the person you become.

Today, have your mind think on these and attempt to realign the direction of your life if you find it valuable and true.


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