Live Conscious, Write Distracted, Edit Sober

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Life is too short to spend it doing what you don’t enjoy.

Yes. If you don’t enjoy it you’ll be frustrated. And chances are the frustration leaks into your relationships, your finance. And when that happens your perspective about life is distorted and you see life in rags and pieces.

People who don’t enjoy what they do and keep doing it suffer burn out and work without motivation — they just have to do what they do because they have to.

You don’t want that to happen to you. Do you?

Writing a copy is hell difficult if you don’t approach it the right way. Such people suffer from a chronic illness known as writer block. But with the right approach, you get to enjoy it more than you ever dream you could.

And you know what? It’s simpler than you think. Let me show you how:

Live conscious.

This is your life. Do what you love and … enjoy every moment of it.

Give it your best shot. There’s no other time to give it another. You only get to live once. So make the most of the only moment you have — now. That’s what you have. Yesterday is gone, tomorrow is pending, but today… is what you have. It’s the bird at hand that’s worth two in the bush.

You don’t know how to lives consciously?

Learn it.

Start by noticing your feelings. What am I feeling now? What’s the direction of this feeling? Is it toward myself oconsciously And why am I feeling this way?

Also, learn to be conscious of your environment. The people around you, how they live, what do the most, how they react to common life stressors.

Put a lens on an area of interest, study it, and do a good analysis of it.

Take yourself through these exercises and gradually you’ll start knowing yourself, the people around you and gradually you’re learning how to live in the moment.

Start living in the now. Learn how to do it and do it as often as possible. It’s one of the precious gifts no one can give to you — you have to give it to yourself.

Write Distracted

A show of hand if you don’t enjoy the distraction. Else you won’t give a hoot about it.

Truth: distraction takes the best of us. You enjoy it more than the work at hand. Because it’s brief, unplanned and doesn’t have to be perfect, we fall for it. We enjoy every bit of it.

Write distracted.

If you don’t tap dance with the Muse when she comes around, you won’t enjoy writing. And nothing is more important. Without satisfaction, you will only like to do it because you have to.

If it’s something you will do it for a long time, you’ve got to love to do it. Learn to bring the fun out of the task. Tweak it, do it in ways no one has ever done. Change the rule of you can’t change the game. In the end, it’s what you enjoy that makes you want to live another day.

If you can’t change the game, change the rules.

The Muse loves to play. And she wants to play with… you.

And the fun is more when you’re busy doing something else as the muse comes around.

The reason she meets you in the most unexpected moments — while having a bath, when driving to work, in the middle of a movie, when you’re washing dishes when you’re shaving.

Don’t spoil the fun.

Effort spoils the fun. Trying hard to make every grammar correct and show her how well you use punctuation ruins the fun. Friction sets in, difficult to move from one idea to the next. Exhausted, the Muse needs to go and take some rest. And you’re left with a well punctuated, error-free but half idea.

Not good.

Here’s what you should do instead: write for yourself and rewrite for your readers.

I have been using journals for more than 4 years now. When it comes to my entries, I can’t remember editing any. I wrote them down raw. No editing, no trying too hard to use punctuation marks. Just writing my thoughts ideas and story the way I see them.

That’s exactly what you should do. Write the first draft as they come. Don’t research any word. Don’t try to make any sentence longer or shorter. Just write down ideas as they come. Go the journey with the Muse without interrupting the fun.

Your writing will retain the feeling and with a glance, you can tell what those seeming kindergarten sentences meant by the feeling that resonates with them.

Your best will come from the most fun.

Rewrite Sober

“Your customers are not searching for information, they’re searching for a solution.” — Tyler Basu,

It was fun between you and the Muse but business between you and your reader. Your target audience. Your customer. Your client. They’re here for solutions and you’re to give it to them.

They’re here for specific solutions to a concern that’s kept them up at night. It’s a no jokes affairs. Something important is at stake.

So be sober.

Say what you mean and mean what you say. Because they are counting on your words.

Be like the medical doctor. And your article a prescription. You don’t want to give them a regimen that doesn’t work. You don’t want to give a prescription that will leave them in the worst state than they came.

And how do you do that?

Know your audience and the challenges peculiar to them.

Are they just teenagers? What will they find challenging the most in college? Finding their passion? Finding love?

Are they employed or unemployed? How can I help them find a job faster and what advice can I give on climbing the corporate ladder?

Edit until you are confident your article addresses a particular problem peculiar to your readers. That’s the greatest service a writer can do, to show others the way out of their predicament, to teach others how to do what they do better than they’ve ever done. In short to bring value to readers.

And miracles happen when you know how to do that. Love and admiration. Money. Recommendations. Love. Goodwill and a good legacy for your children.

All these by learning to live conscious, write distracted, and edit sober.

Writing is all yours to enjoy. So enjoy it.


    1. Really?
      Editing could really be difficult, Jim.

      I was there too. But a Copyblogger writer,
      Pamella Wilson, advised that writing and editing should be done on separate days.

      That was what cut it for me.

      I think you should also give it a try.



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