The One Thing You Never Outgrow Even After You Become Successful

And 3 reasons you should keep at it even after your major breakthroughs.

Becoming successful comes with a feeling that you’ve outgrown most things in life. And that’s true.

You wouldn’t have been successful had life not given you a pass mark on some tests that qualify you capable to handle some eventualities and tasks that comes with success.

Successful writers like Anthony Moore, Tom Kuegler, and Ayodeji Awosika have outgrown the rat race of following people so those people can follow them back. They’ve outgrown that. Young and new writers should be doing that – not the ones that have become as successful as them.

Even if you outgrow a lot of things in life, there’s one thing you should never outgrow no matter the level of your success in life or how high you’ve climbed the corporate ladder in your career; and it’s this :

Commitment to personal development.

You should never outgrow daily working on yourself to becoming a better version of you. And it’s for good reasons.

Personal Development is the Assurance That You’ll Remain Successful

Nothing they say lasts forever. And success is one of them. Without self-improvement, success won’t last that long. Consistently improving yourself is the only security against winding up to where you started.

Success is one of those things you can have today and lose it tomorrow if you stop working on yourself. So don’t relent when it comes, for if you do, it goes away even faster than it came.

Here’s what most people don’t understand: Success in life comes with an unspoken condition – that it will only remain as long as you keep working on yourself. The day you stop improving on it, it starts slipping off your hands. And many people have lost it before they realize it.

Anyone can be successful and remain successful as long as he keeps servicing that success with the effort of self-improvement. That’s the only guarantee that you won’t lose what you’ve got.

This is the truth of the matter: Success is gotten through self-improvement and commitment to self-improvement is the only thing that can sustain it.

The Day You Stop Growing Something Starts to Die in You

Nature abhors a vacuum. If you’re not growing you’re dying; if you’re not making profits, you’re making losses; if you not winning you’re losing. That’s the way life is. There’s no middle ground.

I have come to find out one simple and powerful truth about life: You don’t have to do anything to fail. Just do nothing and you fail. It’s that simple and easy to do. That’s why most people have chosen to do nothing and so remain failures by choice.

But that’s a different story with success. To succeed you have to do something. You have to work hard and work smart. And it doesn’t end there; The moment you relax to enjoy what you’ve got without investing your effort aimed at improvements, you will come down to where your journey first began.

So you need to keep working on yourself to remain a success. And that is a law you have to obey. Because whoever breaks that law suffers the consequences with mathematical accuracy.

That’s why consistency remains the greatest virtue of success in all spheres of life – both in achieving it and to sustain it.

Keep growing. Keep getting better. Keep improving your self. That’s the only way you will keep being successful.

As Long As You Keep Working on Yourself, Life Keep Opening Doors For You

The magic of success is that anything you touch turns into gold. And that magic comes from personal development.

The longer you keep working on yourself, the more successful you become, and the more successful you become the more successful you tend to be.

As the saying goes, Nothing succeeds like success. Success has a ripple effect. So that your success in one area increases your likelihood of success in other areas.

And there’s a psychology behind that:

Success inspires self-confidence and self-confidence inspires the “I can do all things” mindset- the mindset of champions.

As you see things from a champion’s perspective, it becomes easy to achieve them. For success starts from having the right mindset towards life. From seeing things from the mountain top perspective.

Life keeps opening doors for you as long as you keep working on your self; stretching yourself to becoming a better version of you both as in your personal life and in your career.

In Conclusion

As you become successful, you’ll outgrow somethings. Some of your habits, routines, goals, and beliefs will change. But there’s one thing that MUST remain – a commitment to self-improvement.

Though outgrow a lot of things in life, never outgrow self-improvement. For success without improvements soon turns to ashes failure.


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