Unconditional Love

Few weeks after I left WordPress to writing on Medium, I felt a little like an orphan for some weeks. I was a stranger on Medium for weeks. And sometimes, I wondered if the switch or transition was worth it.

On WordPress, there were two bloggers that made my time there worthwhile: the first was Jim Borden and the second, Dr. Tanya.

WordPress was a haven of happiness. Not for the number of followers I had ( which was considerable); neither was it the views or traffic my blog posts got but rather the love I got from these two amazing bloggers.

Quitting WordPress for Medium was difficult because the experiences were not the same… and sometimes the two were opposite. It was more enjoyable writing to publish essays on WordPress. And for that reason, I sometimes republish some of my essays on WordPress after first publishing them on Medium. The aim? Just to hear the comments of those two lovely bloggers — Tanya and Borden.

Even though i didn’t get a paycheck sharing my works on WordPress, the love these two amazing humans showered on me was worth more.

Indeed the power of love is fathomless. It empowers you to get difficult stuff done without a sense of sacrifice.

The emotional pay I got on the article I republish on WordPress worth more than the financial pay from Medium Partnership Program. The experience was that strong and palpable.

After feeling like an orphan on Medium for weeks, something incredible happened: two amazing humans came along. They were writers much better and more accomplished in life than I am. The first is Thomas Plummer, a personal coach, writer, and speaker; and the second was Cat, a UK based MA student studying Social Research.

These amazing people cared enough to read my stories — and even some of my less-than-average quality stories. Still, they read, find what to highlight, and clap the story up so others get to see it, and sometimes leave an encouraging comment/response. These more than anything else is a pat on the back and a lovely voice of assurance that says, “ You’re not alone, friend; we’re with you.’’

Deep down I’m convinced I don’t know more than these amazing writers; so… Continue reading


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