My Heart Goes Out In Prayers To The Victims of COVID-19 All Around The World

When I remember the day I lost my dad and how much that lost cost me, I couldn’t but feel so sad and sorry when I read in the news that tens and hundreds of people have died from the new disease.

It’s so painful and saddening seeing many lose loved ones and family every single day. The coronavirus disease is causing untold hardship and unrest to a lot If persons in some many countries of the world.

My mind usually goes like, “That’s someone’s Dad, Mom, sister or brother!” And it feels so humbling and saddening! People just losing their loved ones easily and can’t do anything to help the situation…

Please God, help us! Put an end to this epidemic. Let people see your goodness– going out and living their lives freely without fear and without the pain of losing a loved one.

And i pray for all who have lost a loved one — a family member, a friend or a neighbour– may God give you the fortitude to bear the loss even as we earnestly pray for a quick discovery of the vaccine . Amen


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