Why You Should Start Writing to an Audience of One

Photo by Marcos Paulo Prado on Unsplash

You’re the one taking the lead of the reading experience. In other words, you are the captain of the voyage you’re taking your readers. If anything, don’t forget that.

As I have always said, every read is a journey that leaves your readers with a unique experience that remains after you’ve reached the destination. And you’re responsible for the feeling they leave with.

What your readers get is the feeling you radiate when you lead the path with your words and style. And if you enjoy the ride, chances are high that most of your readers will as well but if you don’t, they won’t either.

What that means is that being the writer, what your reader gets out of your article or book depends on you. You are the major factor that determines the reader’s experience.

Here’s the catch: what you enjoy writing, people will enjoy reading.

That brings me to a very important point: to write essentially for reader’s approval and not your enjoyment is counter creative. It denies you of the unique feeling that comes from doing what you love your way. And that’s not a good place to be.

The experience that gets to your reader is the one that emanates from you as you pick your pen and allow the words to flow freely for the pure joy of doing what you love the way that’s natural to you. But when you make others your focus, it deprives you of genuine experience. So focus on you and perform to an audience of one — to you.

What’s Perfect Is What’s Done Without Fear.

Photo by Chris Yang on Unsplash

The need to delight others by focusing on how they will feel comes with the fear of not knowing if they will enjoy reading the article or story.
And because that anxiety suppresses your creative genius, you perform far below what you’re capable of.

A true artist performs to an audience of one. That’s why they come with the best of what they do.

What’s perfect is what’s done without fear. And what’s done without fear is performed to an audience of one.

If you don’t enjoy your performance, then you’re not at your best. Because only what you enjoy doing will your audience enjoy too.

Another important reason you should strive to delight yourself with your performance is that your creative genius survives on the emotional experience of your performance.

Realize that your creativity survives on the same feeling that keeps people coming to have more of your stories and articles.

As much as you care about what keeps others always coming back to your content, also know that you need the same to keep your creativity alive.

The mind feeds on what it creates.

Your growth as a creative will be in proportion to how much of your creative work you enjoy. The reality is that when you love what you do, there’s positive feedback to do it again and again. And as you find that joy, so shall your growth be.

Great footballers enjoy their play and their hat trick on the pitch; great musicians feel their songs and enjoy every piece; great artists paint to delight their taste for art and beauty. And because they enjoy what they do, we too enjoy it. For how they feel about what they do set the tone for how the rest of us feel about the work.

Therefore, the writer whose aim is to delight his readers to his own detriment will soon wear out. By focusing on the outside, his energies leaks and he’s left with less to sustain his creativity.

In the end, the first reader doesn’t lie. If you enjoy what you’ve written, your readers will enjoy it too.

Your performance as a creative person is to your first audience, and you are your own first audience. So treat every of your performance as such.


      1. But i don’t quite understand the Grade 10 you just mentioned. Its different from the Education system that operates in my country.
        Can you explain it and make me understand the Grade system that operates there?


      2. Brother, it’s like standard. Do you know standard? Kindergarten? And progress to upper classes? Likewise, we have grade system. Starting from 1 to 12. And this year, exam is actually conducted by our state education board and not by our school. So, it was very important. Understood?

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