Regaining Your Elusive Creative Genius

A simple and effective way to get your genius back when you lose it.

Photo by Anatol Lem on Unsplash

Have you ever stayed one, two, three days without writing? How easy was it writing one thousand words having not written any story for the past three?

It’s really hard. The friction that comes with it can drastically reduce the quality of your work and how many words you could roll out. You might have experienced this at some points as a creative writer. That’s one reason writers should write and publish an article every day even when the work isn’t fancy.

The art of writing with such a degree of regularity — writing every day — lubricate the path of the creative genius enabling creative works to flow with ease.

But like me, you might have had days where you neither wrote nor publish anything. It isn’t news that creative people can be unfaithful sometimes. It may be that the creative juices just didn’t flow or you just want some break. And there’s nothing wrong about that. Detachment from creative exertion could be very helpful at times and could result in a better view or perspective on life and work.

So it’s not an offense to take some days off. Rest is as helpful for the mind as it can be for the body.

Creative People Are In A Marriage Relationship With The Creative Genius

Yes, we are married to it. The day we found that skill of creative expression — writing, singing, drawing, painting — that day we enter into “holy matrimony” with the creative genius.

“Painting has been my first love. If she doesn’t leave me, I won’t.”

That was a confession by Daniel Domig a painter in love with the craft.

That union makes creative work possible and easy for creative people — writers, musicians, artists, painters — compared to those who don’t have that natural drift or in matrimony with genius of those expressive art.

Creative work is a product of partnership with the creative genius. Creativity is, therefore, a love affair between you and your creative genius. Do you get it?

The proof of harmony of your bound with the creative genius is effortless ease in producing creative works:

  • ease in making a story from an inspiration;
  • ease composing a song from an experience;
  • ease in turning an idea into a profitable business…

You just have a certain ease that not everyone has with the craft and so you roll out pieces as though effortless.

Actually, it’s a partnership with the creative genius that cuts the strings of resistance experienced by a lot of other persons. You will agree that you have siblings or friends who can’t make an article from…. Continue reading


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