Why Your Views always Outperform Reads

The major reason the number of people who view your story will outnumber those who read it.

Photo by Ewan Robertson on Unsplash

When I was just very new to Medium and wants to read every story I find, I always wonder why some stories were locked:

” Why will this guy prevent me from reading the rest of this very interesting article?!”

After a while, I understood the reason behind it: that’s the only way the writer can earn money from the story. And I learnt that to read the complete gist of the article I had to become a member by a sum of $5 dollars per month or 50 dollars per annual.

Then I joined the Medium Partner Program and began to put my stories under locks, which allows members to view it so I can earn money for my articles. or non-members to view it only three times every month.

What that means is that non-members can view it even if under locks on two conditions:

  • First, it must be a new month
  • Second, they should read it using one of the three slots available to non-members for locked stories in every new month.

After a brief period viewing my stats, I noticed that the percentage of views almost always outperforms the percentage of reads! 
And knowing that the money is in the reads, it became an issue of concern:

“Why can’t those who view my stories not as well just read it?”

“Where do the rest views go?”

For a very long time, I began to wonder why it always happens. And that’s almost the norm, no matter how “sweet” it was writing the story.

Initially, I felt it was because of the way I wrote the title or something. But after a while, I had a feeling that it shouldn’t just be that, though it may be a contributing factor. There should be something major that determines the recurring decimal of views almost always outrunning the reads.

Just a few days ago, while washing my bike with a little flashback of my early days on Medium, the answer just sipped in!

“Wow, that’s the main reason!” I exclaimed.

It felt like a huge big discovery. Finally, I have discovered why there’re views – read discrepancy:

Most come from non-members that could only view the first few paragraphs of your story because it’s under Medium Paywall.

If I want to have a closer ratio between these two, I need to make write free stories and not those behind paywall

When I realized that, I made it part of my plan to write at least two free stories every month in 2020.

And I’m glad to let you know that’s part of my writing plans in 2020!

How about yours? Do you have a similar plan for your writing in 2020?

# Smiles

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  1. I am one of your statistics; I would start to read the first part of your post, but then when I clicked the link to read it on Medium, I got the message that I had reached the limit of my free reads for the month. I never knew that Medium required a membership until I started reading your posts…

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