Where to Find the Joy Of Writing

So you don’t seek it in all the wrong places.

Photo by Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash

Learn to relax with the singular joy that you have created; that you have birth something into the world.

The outcomes of writing in terms of the number of fans, claps, highlights, and comments are good, but you shouldn’t allow your mind bank on them for your happiness as a writer.

I used to allow those outcomes affect me a lot and for the most part, they were not helpful.

One lesson I have learnt about the joy of creativity is that it’s wise it depends on what lies within your control.

For instance, I can’t control how many people view my articles, how many reads and how many claps or leave a comment. Those are outside my control. Allowing my mind to depend on them for the rewarding feeling of writing isn’t healthy. It creates a false perspective of what’s important. And the result is that my focus shifts from what’s within my control.

That change of focus takes the joy of creativity away and gives it to the wind. And when that happens, the writer seeks happiness in all the wrong places.

What’s most important is none of those, but the art and practice of writing. That’s the most important work of all _writing.

And the fact is when you focus on writing, your articles or pieces will get better and you will get the views, reads, claps cheaply.

But if you focus on them, you may likely not get them to your satisfaction and it may derail your progress in the journey of writing.

So focus on creating your next piece. Let your joy and happiness proceed from the fact that you have contributed your truth and essence to the world through your writing, music or any other art.

Focus on creating, nothing else does the work.

In case you aren’t aware:

The aim of creativity is to leave the world better than you met it through the art of creation.

The world is a product of creativity:

“And God created the heavens and the earth…”

The future of the world is also heavily dependent on creativity. And that’s why you are here: to advance the evolution of the world through your creativity.

Create new stuff as they come to you: write that piece, never mind whether it fits the type that people will read or view or clap or anything outside your control; just let it out and worry less of the outcomes.

You’ve got a Life-giving power within you!

Photo by Almos Bechtold on Unsplash

Give those ideas life and let them live!

Don’t allow the thought of whether people will like it affect your decision to give life to those unpublished drafts and manuscript. If they are original and relevant, give them life!

You’ve got that power so use it. And that’s where the blessing is _ using it.

Creativity is that life-giving power of yours.

  • To that music you have inside you, give it life;
  • To that article you have inside you, give it life;
  • To that company you know you can start, give it life.

You’ve got the power, so use it.

Be content that you have done your work.

Photo by Paola Aguilar on Unsplash

After creating a piece, be joyful and publish it with pride. Proud that you have advanced the evolution of humanity a unit further.

Never again should you depend on the outcomes of creativity for your happiness.

Be glad when they come but don’t depend on them for your happiness. Sometimes they fail to come and that can be distressing if your joy lies there.

Let that be your mindset. That your joy comes from creating and not the outcomes of it.

Always remember that the joy of writing is in the art, and not in the outcomes.

Thanks for your time!


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