You Want to Be Creative? Then Welcome Problems.

Photo by Max Poschau on Unsplash

Newton’s first law holds that

An object will remain in a state of rest or uniform motion unless acted upon by an external force.

It’s natural to relax when there’s no problem. It may even be abnormal to do otherwise.

As long as there’s peace, the mind does all it can to maintain that state of things. To the mind, life is good and so no cause for change. And left to itself, the mind will maintain that state for 10–25 years with minimal changes.

That’s what I consider the conventional path. You just do enough to put food on the table, pay your bills, obey the law, live to a certain age and die.

That’s good, but not for you; there’s more to living than living life the conventional way. And in my opinion, it’s about the best kind of life.

You Need to Have Problem.

And if they refuse to come, go after them. They are but the only rescue from the conventional way of life.

Problems are about the only external force that causes a change of that state of things in people’s lives.

If you must live a life beyond that common to men you must invite into your life a change of state. That’s why you need to welcome problems and if they refuse to come, go after them! But just make sure you are solving a problem once every week.

The reason is this, the alternative to the conventional is creativity: the path of genius. It’s riddled with problems, but it’s also full of fun and flow states.

I love how Brett Morris described creativity… continue reading

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