Why You Should Have a Life Outside Writing

The simple secret behind writers that get widely read on Medium.

Image Credits: Pixabay

Good article is like coffee; it’s best served in coffee cups

In writing, you’re doing either of these:

  • Giving information;
  • Offering advice;
  • Teaching a skill or habit.

In all, you aim to persuade your reader to agree with you at a certain level.


Well, I see it as serving coffee.

What best can you serve a coffee with?

Answer: using a coffee cup.

Good writing is instruction served in a package of life experiences.

It gives a better appeal.

Isn’t that the intent? That your reader finds the information appealing and thus agree with you?

Then, that’s one of the best ways to do it.

Widely read writers know serve their readers well

I have spent a few months here, in them, I have followed three writers so closely.

I have studied a number of their stories.

They are Anthony Moore, Tom Kuegler and Shannon Ashley.

If there are 5 top secret to their widely read stories on Medium, this is one of the first two:

They are good at serving coffee in coffee cups.

Where the coffee is instructions and lessons and the coffee cups are the stories of their experiences with life.

Those are the type of writing we read and something within says, “Me too.”

The “me too” shows that we have connected with the story.

It has happened to me several times reading their stories on Medium.

And one of the easiest ways to connect with people is through their stories or experiences. (Especially the ones we can relate with: usually common to humans).

Because that’s what unifies. That’s what creates a bond between two persons.

When one shares experience and another sees himself in the scenario, it’s easy to identify with those experiences and the “me too” response or feeling pops up.

Here’s what I want you to leave with:

  • Go get a journal;
  • Live a life so interesting to tell your grandchildren;
  • Record them in your journal.

In the end, you will learn a lot. Also, you will have good experiences to share as stories.

A writer is like a man that has a coffee shop.

Image Credits: Pixabay

How best will you serve your customers (readers)?

Answer: by serving your unique coffee (lessons) in your unique coffee cups (stories).

That’s what makes a best-selling writer.

Serving coffee alone isn’t enough. Most of your customers won’t come with coffee cups.

Through your own experiences shall most of them relate with your lessons and instructions.

So you have to do more than serve coffee; you have to serve them in your unique coffee cups.

And as the number of your customers increase, so should your coffee cups.

Live more: attempt new things.

Go beyond your fears: do what you fear (at least once in a week.)

Then return with unique coffee and unique coffee cups.

That’s how to get on the best-selling writer track on Medium.

The changes I have seen lately in my stats have shown that it works:

  • I have been accepted as a writer on the largest Publication on Medium and they have published two of my works with positive reception;
  • Readers now leave a comment or two after my story;
  • Almost every article I publish, get one or two followership.

This has never been the case.

From what I can see, I’m getting a handle on serving coffee in coffee cups!

Thanks for reading!

Hope you found it useful?

Let’s connect or shoot me a comment below!

Once again, thanks for your time.


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