The Best Approach to Life’s Problems is As an Experiment

Life is a game. The rules are already established. The wisest thing to do is to play according to those rules.

Our denial or ignorance of the rules changes nothing; rather it worsens how long we suffer the impact of losing ground.

One of the commonest ways life presents itself is a problem.

You will always have a problem; that’s sure of every human as long as they live.

The only people excluded from these problems are those who are no longer alive.

But as long as you live, you will have problems come your way.

Life visits every man in that form at various points in their journey.

Problems are life’s way to grow you.

One of the features of a living thing is growth.

In life, there is no middle ground_ it’s either we are growing or deteriorating.

That said, what is the best approach to the sure realities of life?

The first thing to understand is that man will always respond to a problem as a challenge. As an enemy that threatens his life or something precious to him.

That is man’s natural response to problems.

Responding to problems as a threat is already a part of our genetics.

The body already has a programmed response for that kind of stimuli. And it’s called the flight or fight response.

You don’t do any work to activate it; it’s an automatic response.

Unfortunately, that’s not the best way to approach problems of daily life in the recent present stage of evolution.

Over the years life has gradually changed; only a few problems threaten a man’s existence unlike thousands of years ago.

But because that’s the way our ancestors have lived for so long, that perception of problems as the threat has been integrated into our makeup. And so we respond to problems that way even when they don’t threaten our existence.

Problems of daily life such as we encounter when:

  • Choosing a career path;
  • Starting up a business of your own;
  • Establishing a rapport with a stranger;
  • Getting to top writer status on Medium;
  • Becoming the best artist/musician of the year…

All these can be challenging sometimes, but they are not to be approached the same way as the ones that threaten existence.

Instead, we should see them as what they really are: opportunities for growth.

The best way to see problems of daily life and business experiments and not as a challenge.

As long as we see a problem as an opportunity to grow, we approach them as an experiment rather than as combat with an enemy.

That way, we move past the natural response of fight-flight response to a better approach that offers better outcomes and at the end makes us better than before the incidence of the problem.

Personal growth comes from an experimental approach to problems of daily life.

Image Credits: Pixabay

In the words of Norman Vincent Peale:

Problems are to the mind what exercise is to the muscle; they toughen and make strong.

Seen as an enemy, the flight-fight response gets activated, logical and clear thinking is impaired and impulsive responses take over.

An experiment approach takes a clever route with better results:

  • First is to understand the nature of the problem;
  • Next is to deconstruct it into components;
  • And last, solve each part one after the other using a structured problem-solving method.

That’s how people can grow after facing a problem of life or business.

The Benefits of The Experiment Approach to Life’s Problems

Freedom to Try New things or Methods

It offers you the freedom to try several methods or ways to solve the problem.

That’s why when asked how he felt after having failed 999 times before finally having his big break with the light bulb, Thomas Edison replied:

I didn’t fail 1,000 times — the light bulb was an invention with 1,000 steps.

The experimental approach to solving problem removes the fear of failure, thus encouraging man to increase the probability of success by increasing his attempts.


Seen as an experiment, the failure or success of the outcome shifts from the man to the experiment.

And that’s a good place to get creative.

There’s a quote by Harry S. Truman that says:

It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit.

In the same way, it’s amazing how much a man can think up creative solutions when he is not to be tagged the worst outcome of solving the problem.

That mindset gives freedom to innovate and design new ways to arrive at a breakthrough solution.

A Win-Win Transaction

As an experiment there’s nothing to lose; there’s only what to gain

Even if the outcome is a failure, it’s described as a failure of experiment_ not a failure of the man.

In the end, he leaves with life lessons, strategies, and principles applicable in other areas of life.

Shoot for the moon, advised Brian Littrell, even if you miss, you will land among the stars.

In life, knowing what doesn’t work is as important as what does.

Even when you don’t find what works you will have found what doesn’t. And that can serve as a foundation eventually finding what works someday.

The first few days I started the challenge to publish 50–60 articles in December, I approach it as a challenge.

Over time, I noticed that it was taking a lot of work to write two drafts per day.

But recently, I sought to know why it was taking a lot of power to do so. I then discover where it was coming from.

It wasn’t the lack of ideas but the approach to the goal that was draining much of mental energy and so the reason for the exhaustion.

When I changed the approach, I noticed some changes:

For instance, initially, I get freaked out when the number of views was not as I expect.

Recently, I enjoy viewing my stats to find out how my stories are doing and why some posts get better viewership than others.

Even when a story gets zero to no views (like this one), I still enjoy viewing the stat for the story!

The reasons for the failure of that will serve as my lessons and observations I will share in a post when the 30-day challenge comes to an end.

So we actually have nothing to lose but everything to gain.


Life’s problems are opportunities for growth.

Our best years are in those we finally accept, understand and solve problems of daily life and business.

Growth is impossible without problems.

However, our approach to problems determines whether we realize the growth potential.

The best way to approach life’s problem is not as a challenge but as an experiment.

That’s the path to personal growth and development.

Let’s keep in touch🤗

Thanks for your time

I hope you got value for it?

Shoot me a comment below if you’ve got any.

Once again, thanks for your time.


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