Setting Big Goals Is Easy. What’s Hard is Achieving Them

Setting big goals is cheap, anybody can do that. Achieving those goals? That’s what is expensive.

It’s cheap to set a goal to become a top writer in Personal development on Medium. 

That’s easy. But it’s not as easy achieving that status.

It’s easy to declare that you will write every single day for the next 30 days.

That shouldn’t take more than a few minutes to write about.

Achieving that goal will take you several days of brainstorming and writing a story that’s worth your reader’s time and money.

Achieving goals come at a cost.

It’s the 12th day now that I openly declared a minimum of 50 published stories for December 2019.

One thing I can tell you is this: achieving goals come at a cost.

You won’t have it on a platter of gold.

Nearly halfway into it and I’ve noticed some very important things that I would love to share with you.

It will do a lot of good, especially as many of us are about writing resolutions for the next years.

Audacious New year resolution can be fanciful but don’t allow that temporary appeal jeopardize the next 365 days of the year 2020.

I set an audacious goal for the month of December; it was quite cute and fanciful. But let me share some of what I’ve encountered and realized as a foreknowledge to your New Year resolution.

1️⃣ Time is the most important factor.

If you won’t have enough of it, please don’t set an outrageous goal.

Cut your goals according to your time.

I really don’t know how possible it will be for me to pursue this goal if I were not doing an elective clinical posting outside the Specialist Centre where I’m training!

At best, I can be sure of 25 to 30 articles. Not 50 to 60! That will be too outrageous and overwhelming.

I may even have to quit all together due to time pressure.

But this month, I have more free time to do non-clinical stuff unlike in the previous months. 

With more free time available, it’s logical that publishing a minimum of 50 articles is possible.

I will suggest you make new month resolutions rather than a whole year at a stretch.

Since you can’t be sure how much time you will have available in the next 3 to 4 months, it’s wise you approach it one month at a time.

That way, you can presume how much free time you will have to focus on your off the job goals like such as personal development goals. 

2️⃣ It won’t be as easy as when you started 

Image Credit: Pixabay 

The excitement of writing those goals and resolutions will only take you a few steps into the journey.

Starting is easy; going on is what’s hard.

Emotions get us started. But discipline keeps us going.

What got me started out was pocking a challenge when my friend Mauro Sacramento set a goal to make $100 in November and got at it.

The challenge was an emotion. It’s just like a flower that’s fresh today and by tomorrow, gets withers away!

Emotions are not strong enough ground to make lasting decisions.


Emotions don’t stay for long. They only last enough to enable you to make the decision.

After that moment, you may never see them again.

Till now, I haven’t felt the emotions and zeal I felt the day I set that goal.

Emotions are like the weather, they will pass.

So don’t make a huge decision when you’re excited; give it some time to settle so you can have a better view of life before you set your goals.

3️⃣ Going on is hard

Sometimes you may even not show up!

Discipline is the climate of this journey to achieving your goals. 

Going on is hard because it’s discipline. And discipline is hard stuff.

Yesterday, I couldn’t push the publish button!

Things happen that were beyond my control:

My mum called me to accompany her and open an account in a bank.

It took about 3 hours to get it all done. After that, my brother pleaded with me to assist him to make some arrangements against his trip out of the country by the ending of December. I couldn’t object.

Meanwhile, I have only written the title for the post I prepared that morning.

When I returned, I was exhausted!

 It wasn’t easy to continue with the article.

I couldn’t show up.

The only thing I could do was submit an article I had written two days before to the Startup publication after a brief editing session.

But yesterday, it was really hard to do the work. I couldn’t just go on! 

4️⃣ The difficulty will strengthen you 

The hardship will change your narrative.

Achieving goals, especially when it becomes a necessity, forces you to think outside the box!

And you have no option but to do so.

That goal was what got me to think outside the box to find new ways and ideas to make the goal a reality. 

That’s how challenges make us grow by making being strong the only option. 

You never know how strong you can be until being strong becomes your only option.

Said Bob Marley

I can tell I’m stronger now than before I started.

Now I see publishing 30 articles in a month far easier than I have ever seen them.

We get stronger by getting the hard stuff done.

If, for instance, you read 12 books in 30 days, finishing 5 books in a month seems an easy task.


The previous challenge of finishing 12 books has strengthened you than the challenge of finishing 5 books in 30 days.

5️⃣ You will learn a lot 

Image Credits: Pixabay

You won’t come out the same irrespective of the outcome.

Whether or not you could achieve all your goals, you will learn a lot of life lessons to share.

I have written before that an eventful life is the source of ideas. 

Both the success and failure of setting big goals are of value in the marketplace. The lessons you learn from those experiences will be of value to yourself as with others.

It’s only 12 days into the journey, and I have had a fair share of both success and failures.

Some of my articles were 98% failure like this one: When Your Life isn’t Going As Planned, Use These 3 Tools

48 hours after publishing it: no view, no read, no nothing!

I was heartbroken for a while. Until I learned to see the whole thing as an experiment rather than as a problem.

Some articles were outstanding successes like this one: How You Can Effortlessly Generate Ideas as a Writer.

Within 24 hours of publishing it, it has gotten over 90 views!

That’s the most I have gotten in 24 hours to date.

To me, it was a huge success.

But there is something more to the failure and success of those articles:

I learnt from them.

From the ones that failed, I learned what makes an article fail and how to avoid it next time.

From the ones that were a huge success, I learned a few ideas on what an article a success.

Either way, I learned something valuable. 

Finally, setting an audacious goal is a good idea. 

It’s got a lot of benefits. But you have to put some things into consideration:

  1. You have to be sure you have enough spare time to pursue those goals and cut the size of the goal accordingly;

2. You also have to understand that much of the journey is going to be hard work.

The benefits are just as weighty:

  • You will get strong in the process.
  • You will learn a lot from both success and failure.

And then finally you will be a better person.

If you have no such goals yet, I suggest you get one and cut it according to the time you have for it.

That’s how you can grow into a better and stronger version of yourself.“>Let’s Keep in touch💞

Thanks for reading.

Hope you found some value from it?

I would love to hear from you!

Thanks once again for your time!


  1. Joshua – I truly enjoyed your article. I’ve personally been writing quite a few blog posts about goal-setting, because I’m right smack-dab in the weeds on several substantial goals I’m working on achieving between now and the first of the new year. So, I can relate to how we can be on cloud 9 at the goal-setting stage, but then slowly (or quickly) peter out when it gets to the “grind” or implementation phase of achieving the goal. But you’re spot on when stating that you learn a lot by going through processes; and staying the course helps prepare you for the next goal achievement. I’ve learned that goal-setting can set you up for success if you make sure and work within realistic and achievable boundaries. I wish you the best in your endeavors.

    Liked by 1 person

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