Your Life isn’t Going As Planned, Use These 3 Tools

How to course correct your life when it drifts off.

Photo by Mika Matin on Unsplash

Life drifts. It almost always does.

And sometimes it drifts so far away from the tract.

Can you stop it from drifting?


A lot of what makes life drifts are inevitable.

We can’t just prevent them or stop them from coming in:

Can we stop ourselves from getting a spouse when we are due for marriage?


Should we stop kids from coming after two years of marriage?

“Not a good idea.”

Should we stop having a Medium account since we already have one with WordPress?

You know the answer.

See, as long as new things come into our lives, the chances of drifting increases.

And what does Murphy’s Law say?

“Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.”

So if it’s possible for life to drift.

Guess what?

It will.

That’s just the way life is.

And it doesn’t look like it’s going to change soon.

We can’t just hope it’s going to remain on track and allow new things to come in.

That would be blind hope.

And you should be smarter than that!

Let those that don’t read the stuff we read on Medium have blind hope; not you.

Because you are far smarter than that!

We can’t be sure life is going to continue on track. But here is what we are sure of: we can get it on track whenever the drifts occur.

And how do you do that?

Relax; it’s not as hard as you think.

This is what we should call them:

Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash

The 3 things To Do When Life Drift

Life is so kind: for any part we cannot control in determining an outcome, there is always another we can at least maneuver.

Since we can’t prevent the drift, we can at least get it into track any time it drifts off.

Before the three mind tools it takes to get into track, there is a tool that will aid you immensely and help you make these lasting changes.

It’s a journal.

A journal serves as a map that helps you track the path to the present and possibly forecast the future.

All creatives have it (at least a lot of them), and I suggest you should too.


Life is a precious possession to have and living is the most serious business.

If you capture the moments and emotions of your life in a journal daily, it will make getting into track quite easy.

The reason is that it becomes easy to trace where you are coming from and to forecast the future.

Journaling is expedient to the art of living well.

That said, these are the three mind tools we can use:

1. Think

Don’t hope it will change even when you’re on the wrong path.

It won’t.

Working hard isn’t the problem.

All you have to do is stop and think!

Where I’m I heading with this?

You can tell looking at the last 3 years.

If you don’t like how the last 3 years have been, don’t hope it’s going to change in the next three on the same track.

The track that got you to the last three will still lead you to a similar destination.

So stop!

The next question is this: Why am I on this track?

What am I doing or not doing again that’s gotten me on this track?

For every effect, there is a cause.

Life can’t just drift; for every drift, something is pushing or pulling it off the track.

Last, How can I get to the right track?

This should be a simple mathematics now:

If you can identify what got you out, and how it got you out, getting into track becomes easy.

You see, it’s simple.

Two more to go!

2. Decide

Thinking will reveal a lot of possibilities.

You will begin to see a lot of other ways to get on track.

Some are hard, some are easy.

Some require a lot of hard work and disciple; some less work and consistency.

So you get to choose.

I advise you choose the one that’s you are more likely to keep.

And that sounds like the one that is easy to repeat when the drift occurs again.

It’s choice time!

So make your choice.

3. Action

Photo by Bruno Nascimento on Unsplash

It’s time to go!

This time, in the track of your choosing.


You’ve gotten back on track!

That’s it.

You have gotten your life on track that will lead you to your dreamland!

That’s how to get your life back when it drifts, as it will always do.


We can’t stop life from drifting into the wrong track.

Drifting is normal as long as life remains dynamic.

We can’t be sure to prevent the drift.

The only thing we can be sure of is to course-correct and get it into track.

And it’s quite easy to do:

· Stop and think;

· Decide which path is best;

· Action time_ travel on the new path.


Your life is back on track!

Isn’t that amazingly simple and interesting an exercise?!

That’s what it takes to get life on track after a drift.

 Thanks for your time

Hope you got value for it?

Shoot me a comment below if you’ve got any.

Once again, thanks for your time.


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