How You Can Effortlessly Generate Ideas as a Writer

Art and creativity are all about ideas.

Ideas are the currency of creative endeavors_ writing, music, public speaking…

You need ideas to become a good and successful writer. And a continuous flow of it to remain there.

For some people, ideas are difficult to get. They try so hard to get them and eventually gets a few of them throughout a long period.

But can we rely on such a trial-and-error method to getting ideas as writers?

Will it be a good idea, especially in situations where we need to come up with something fresh and new consistently?

You know it; it is not a good plan.

Writers need a more reliable source for generating ideas for what they do and probably what they do for a living.

That’s what we shall explore in the few minutes we have together: how to ensure a continuous flow of ideas for your writing.

First, you have to be aware of this fact: not everyone experiences difficulty coming up with ideas.

Yes, not everyone.

Do you know a guy, a writer top-tier on Medium, by name Tom Kuegler?

He’s one of such guys.

He’s one of such writers that relatively come up with ideas effortlessly.

Another in that category is Shannon Ashley.

But what are they doing differently from the rest that seems to have a good idea only once in a blue moon?

Where are they getting their story ideas from?

Photo by Sara Kurfeß on Unsplash

Here is what I have come to find out: ideas are encapsulated in the daily events of life. And writers who lead an eventful life have a rich source of ideas in their possession.

An eventful life, therefore, is the richest source of creative ideas.

If you lead an eventful life, you will most likely have a successful career writing.


You will almost always have ideas come to you in common hours almost every day.

That great guy Tom Kuegler leads an eventful life:

He’s a writer;

A travel blogger;

He runs a YouTube channel;

He’s the coeditor of the Post-Grad Survival Guide;…

How on earth will such a guy lack what to write about?!

I bet you if you lead such a life, you will have ideas come to you when you need them!

Here is the truth:

The secret source for creative ideas is an eventful life.

That’s what guarantees a continuous flow of ideas for creative purposes.

If you lead an eventful life, you will make a good writer.

That should be a reason strong enough to desire this kind of life.

Or don’t you think so?

Maybe you want to have a reputation for coming up with fresh stories every day like Shannon Ashley does.

If that is what you really want, the answer is leading an eventful life.

You want to know how?

I will tell you.

The Two Ways To A Life Overflowing With Creative Ideas.

Here are the two ways that lead to a life overflowing with ideas for creative purposes like writing as well as public speaking:

  • Experience it all; and
  • Be a good student of life.

Those are the requirements for having a source of overflowing ideas as a writer.

1️⃣ Experience it all!

Photo by Ryan Moreno on Unsplash

Open yourself up for the experiences life will bring your way.

Life is a school and each experience a lesson.

Keep an open mind, experience it all.

During my early days on Medium, I had an interesting encounter with a writer that turned my life around.

He probably taught me one of the greatest lessons as a writer.

I applied to write for his publication. He then asked me to send my username so he can check some of my works.

I sent my username and a few days later I got a mail along with the draft I sent:

Hi Joshua,

I received your request and had a chance to review a few of your stories. You are on a good track, just getting started, but I would want to see more stories to add you. Here is some feedback:

– You are writing a lot of life lesson stories, but you are 26. Most of the stories are about the life lessons of others and not you. So in that context, you have to ask yourself what are you bringing to the stories that make them stand out.

Honestly, reading that mail broke me. It wasn’t easy swallowing that truth!

I was disappointed at my lack of having my experiences in life in my articles as in those early days!

Really, I was actually 26 without an experience of my life that I can share with others!

It was pathetic!

It broke me for a few days knowing how true it was and how much of a failure I looked in my own eyes.

But after those few days, I understood why I need to open up to the lessons life has for me.

Looking back, I have experienced the good and bad; failures and successes; and from then on, coming up with ideas and personal narratives has been a lot easier for me.

And I’m so grateful for that remarkable life-changing encounter with Jonathan Greene of the Assemblage.

Now, the experiences of life will come in two major forms:

1. As Events:

These are your notable moments that happen in your life, like :

  • the welcome of a new child;
  • you just gain a new property;
  • a party where you connected with new friends;
  • attaining the status of a top writer on Medium.

Stuff like that.

2. As Emotions

How you felt after a significant event happens to you.

The feeling that the events of your life leave behind.

Your pain, pleasure, regrets, disappointments, love, hates, the thrill, hopes, despair…

Those kinds of stuff that reminds us of our mortality.

Experience them all.

Here’s why:

The events of life are like capsules, and within them are ideas.

And emotions are grenades that drive the wheel of creativity.

So experience them all!

2️⃣ Be a good student of life.

Photo by João Silas on Unsplash

It’s not enough to experience them all and chill out.

That won’t serve you.

Don’t allow those capsules and grenades of life just pass; capture them all!

One of the major evidence of being a good student of life is having a journal.

Do you have a journal?

If you do, but do you journal daily?

Get a journal and capture those moments and emotions!

Don’t let them just pass and pass…

That’s where the difference between an eventful life and a busy life lies_ journaling.

The busy life experiences everything and captures none because he sleepwalks through life.

None of those stuffs makes any meaning to him.

So he just let them pass.

An eventful life is quite alive in his life.

He’s intentional and present in his life.

He doesn’t allow those experiences to pass by; he captures them in his journal.

Journaling is the art of capturing the events and emotions of daily living.

The art of journaling has made him self-aware.

And so he is serious about tracking his life in order to live well.

And here is what I have come to find out:

And if you live well, you will write well.

That’s what it takes to generate ideas effortlessly for creative purposes like writing, public speaking, and singing.

By leading an eventful life: experiencing it all and capturing those moments as good students of life.

Thanks so much for your time.

Hope you found it valuable?

If you have a question, shoot them in the comment below!

Once again, thanks for your time!


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