How to Think Outside the Box and Achieve the Impossible

I did it. How you can do it too

Photo by Nikita Kachanovsky on Unsplash

“Thinking outside the box,”
It’s a common term that suggests coming up with ideas to solve a problem that defy conventional solutions

People who have the reputation of thinking outside the box are highly recommended and regarded wherever they find themselves.

There was a story I read some years ago:
The CEO was not convenient with the quota his company was having

He then invited a business consultant to help him find where the problem was.

The business consultant came to the company and disguised as a client so he won’t be noticed.

First day, second day, third day till the sixth day he was observing every worker and noting how they were doing.

For the six days period, a certain man was notorious for not doing anything but to come to work in the morning, greet only a few people, go to his office and do nothing but hang his legs on the desk scribble a few sentences on paper and go home before the company closes for the day!

For this reason, he was the one indicated by the consultant for the poor performance of the company.

He prepared his report and the first day of the week that followed the secret auditioning, he presented the cause of the problem to the CEO:
That is the man that’s responsible for how poorly this company is doing. That man should be fired.

When the CEO figured out the man the consultant was talking about, he laughed and laughed:

“You mean Mr. Collins? No, he’s not.
“That man you see there is the brain behind this company.”

“His job is to think.”
“He’s being paid to think”

That is the person who thinks outside the box and the benefits that come with it.

Why Think Outside the Box

Photo by Diego PH on Unsplash

1️⃣ Value

We value people who can think outside the box. 
In this world, we value a man based on the problem he’s able to solve.

The man who thinks outside the box will always have a way out of situations of life.

With a man that thinks outside the box, there’s always a way out.

Whether as an individual or a member of a team, he can never be stranded.

He’s like the one-eyed man in the blind’s community.

So he’s highly valued, especially when the situation defies conventional thinking.

2️⃣ Achievements

In the book Zero to One, Peter Thiel distinguished between two kinds of progress:
 • Vertical Progress (doing new things)
 • Horizontal Progress (copying things that work)

While vertical progress brings about new things, horizontal progress multiplies what has been created or improves on them.

To move forward in life, therefore, requires vertical progress which is only by thinking outside the box.

It takes thinking outside the box to create a future. And only that’s only possible when a man thinks outside the box.

3️⃣ New Perspective

The day I set the goal to write 50 to 60 articles on or before December 30, I began to see things differently.

My mind became alert to pick signals that will make that goal come to reality

I began to see writing, contents, Medium, in a way I’ve never seen them before

My perception of what is possible for me changed
And when that happened, I had a new perspective

I began to see solutions in odd places:
 • My everyday experience began to make meaning to me than has ever been 
 • Title of articles spontaneously comes up when I’m having a bath 
 • I began to see messages about how people behave under some circumstances 
 • My experiences began to precipitate principles of life and success that have all the while never occurred to me

All by setting a goal that’s beyond what my brain is conversant with.

How to think outside the box

Photo by Paola Aguilar on Unsplash

The first thing is to think of the human skull as a cage.

That cage is the separating wall between your perceived possibilities and impossibilities.

What lies within that cage is what the brain is familiar with and what it perceives as possible.

Anything outside it is perceived as impossible.

And the brain will do anything to maintain that balance throughout your life (as long as you allow it).

But the moment anything happens that threatens your survival, that wall melts and you do the impossible

And soon after the situation comes to normal, the wall hardens again.

That’s why even when you seem to be tired after a hectic day, the sight of a dog approaching and barking loudly toward you on your way home puts you on a flight without remembering how tired you were a few minutes ago.

The interesting thing about it is that the brain cannot distinguish where the signal that threatens that state comes from.

So you can screw yourself up and watch your brain will melt that wall so you can step into the impossible.

Set a goal beyond what your perceived capacity to attain and screw yourself by putting your reputation on the line.

I tell you, your mind will move heaven and earth to achieve that goal.

That was what happened the day I published my audacious goal for December 2019.

Initially, I thought I will only write it in my diary and work towards it.

I found out that my brain was wiser than that_ I won’t commit.
Instead, I published it in the larger publications I write for_ Publishous!
My reputation was on the line;
People who read it may just be waiting and watching me from that moment to see if I will live up to that goal.

In that case, it committed me (I just have to be) and that was when the miracle happened- the wall began to melt and gradually I’m feeling my feet walking on previously impossible grounds

Publishing two stories every day was previously perceived as impossible
Now it’s no longer so 
Ideas are coming from thin air and stories are developing in my head every hour 
All to make that goal a reality

Because I screwed myself up and put my reputation on the line.

That’s the ONLY way I know you( just like me) can start thinking outside the box:

Set a goal beyond your perceived capacity to achieve and put your reputation on the line.

That’s the secret to start thinking outside the box so you can achieve the impossible.

Thanks for your time.

Did you find it helpful?

Let me know in the comment section below.

Once again, thanks for reading


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