How Creativity Leads To Better Life Quality

Better life quality comes through creative works.

Photo by Nikhil Mitra on Unsplash

There are two requirements for a better life quality:

1. Personal fulfillment

2. Financial freedom


Better quality of life = personal fulfillment + financial independence.

Personal fulfillment

Where does it come from?

Personal fulfillment comes from doing what you love.

Fulfillment is the wake_ the after effect_ of doing a work you find pleasure in doing.

This is the reason Warren Buffett’s first word on living a good life is “find your passion.”

Many people have a problem with it, but it doesn’t affect the appropriateness of that advice.

Find your passion.

There’s nothing that gives a unique joy like doing what you love.

That’s why some entrepreneurs can work 7 days a week with utmost joy.

And for most of them like Donald Trump, the money isn’t even the goal.

The goal is the feeling that comes from doing what they love.

If you do what you love, you will never have to work for the rest of your life.

Work then becomes fun and fun is the spice of life.

For Thomas Carlyle, “Blessed is the man who finds his work, let him ask for no other blessedness”.

If you find your work, doing it every day is a joy.

That’s the importance of finding your passion_ you just get to enjoy every aspect of it!

It is such a sweet life!

Nothing else gives a man more joy than his work_ his passion.

And the love of work is the secret to personal progress and fulfillment.

Finding your passion is the path to personal fulfillment.

Financial independence

That’s a fancy way of saying having more than enough money to buy what you want.

It’s when money is no longer a problem.

That’s what financial independence means.

Money is good for what it can do on your behalf.

Especially because it gives you time to do what you love.

For example, you need not bother about mowing the lawn when you should rather use the time doing something productive.

“Billionaires don’t mow the lawn.”

Any work that’s not worth thousands of dollars per hour is better given to someone else to do at a lesser amount.

Billionaires spend their time doing the heavy lifting of making money while tasks, like answering the phone and keeping account information, are delegated to others.

Money is good because it gives you the luxury of getting the things you want and time to do what you love.

Now, what brings those two components of a better quality of life together?

Answer: creativity.

Photo by Matthieu Comoy on Unsplash

In my experience, creativity brings about personal fulfillment by doing what you love while also getting paid for it by producing what people need.

For instance, if your passion is writing, you will derive joy waking up each day to sit on your computer and just let the word flow through your fingers.

If you do it long enough, you will get better.

And when you get better, people will pay you for it.

That’s how J.K Rawlings became a billionaire with sales from Harry Potter.

That’s how Shannon Ashley, a single mother, is able to take care of herself and sponsor her daughter in school.

That’s how I got paid $18 in October and about $22 in November 2019.

We love what we do, and on top of that, we are getting paid for it.

Isn’t that lovely!

Creativity makes life better.

That’s how Japan got became the second best country in the world in 2019.

In the 2019 Best Country ranking, Japan, which was at the #5 position last year, made it to the #2 position!

Can you explain how a country that was the fifth best country in 2018 became the #2 position in 2019?

And best in terms of the quality of life of the people.

In the entire world!

That’s huge.

But… How were they able to skip three positions and ranked #2?

Answer: creativity.

Let me explain:

In the metric for the ranking, Japan ranked the topmost in entrepreneurship.

And report had it that the achievement which was driven by metrics such as innovation.

What else could drive innovation if not creativity?

If it can enhance the wellbeing of a nation, it can transform an individual.

This is how does creativity enhance wellbeing:

1️⃣ Focus

Creativity eliminates distraction by default.

When you are busy connecting the dots, it leaves no room for distraction.

That’s why some of the most creative people are also very focused.

2️⃣ Productivity

You can’t be creative and not be productive.

The creative process will always produce something useful to people.

All innovations are products of creative thinking.

And innovation is the core of entrepreneurship.

3️⃣ Creativity changes people

It makes good people.

As they get busy getting creative work done, there is no room for idleness_ the breeding ground for evil.

As the saying goes, the idle mind is the devil’s workshop.

It then means that the creative mind is God’s workshop.

Little wonder, the policemen in Japan don’t even carry guns most of the time.


Japanese, being a people committed to creative work, love to follow public orders. They have value for life.

The discipline and virtue of creative thinking and creative work make people better.

I conclude in the words of Karl Marx:

Men and women constructed their wellbeing through productive activities; there is no human nature except that which we create through work.

Work not only transforms the environment by building bridges across rivers and cultivating barren plains, but it also transforms the worker from an animal guided by instinct into a conscious, goal-directed, skillful person.”

That’s how creativity enhance the quality of life and promote wellbeing.

Thanks for your time.

Did you find it helpful?

Let me know in the comment section below

Once again, thanks for reading


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