Do You Want To Make More Money? Don’t Focus On The Money.

There are two skills to focus on instead.

Photo by Apostolos Vamvouras on Unsplash

In April 1995, a poll organized by NBC News and the Wall Street Journal revealed that 60 percent of Americans believed the biggest cause of poverty was “people not doing enough “.

Only 30 percent blamed circumstances beyond one’s control, while the rest thought it was a combination of both or weren’t sure.

Today, the same survey shows a nation divided in half: 44 percent ascribe a life of financial struggle to laziness; 46 percent point to external factors_ circumstances beyond people’s control.

Though there are places in between these two, or a mix of the two, the fact remains that these two are the biggest cause of poverty today.

There’s always a way out whichever category you find yourself

That’s the beauty of life_ there’s always a solution to a problem.

A problem wouldn’t exist if there were no solution for it.

Money is one of the most searched words on Google and making money ranks the highest.

It points to the fact that people are daily looking for ways to get money so they can lead more healthy and happy lives.

Unfortunately, many of the desperate ones have fallen victim. Some get rich quick strategies and schemes have caused more devastation than before these desperate ones signed up for them.

And this is principally because they focus on the money and not on the skills that attract money.

Income seldom exceed personal development

The money you need is in the pockets of people.

While they don’t lack money, they lack things that money can buy but needs human effort and time to produce.

Many of them don’t have the time to sit and gain this knowledge or develop the skills but will pay anyone who can.

Job hunting is a highly competitive adventure. This is probably one of the “external factors” responsible for winding up poor in life.

To get money in this hunt, you need not focus on it. Instead, focus on getting better at these two skills to put on resume:

1. Identifying problems people are struggling with; and

2. Offering a simple and credible way out.

Whichever category people belong in winding up poor, developing these two skills will get anyone out of the poverty loop with ease.

I call it working the science of getting money for the value provided.

And it works magic.

Photo by Hannah Busing on Unsplash

Before I gained admission into Med school, I was struggling with having less in meeting my daily needs.

In simple terms, I didn’t have enough money to buy the stuff I need as a young guy_18.

This was how I got out of the situation:

1. I analyzed the situation

· I need money

· The money is already in the pockets of people and some of them are around me.

· What can I give that they will exchange the money for?

2. I figured what they will exchange the money for

· What would they be willing to exchange the money for?

· “Solutions?” Not really

· “Personal interest?”: “Yes”.

if I’m the first teenager to write a book among the churches in my local assembly, they will take pride in it and support me.

3. I figured out what I wanted to offer and did the work

· Write a book and be the first published teenage author.

· I went to work on gathering some relevant information and published the book within12 months.


As the first church in the location to produce a published teenage author, I got maximum support both from my pastor and members.

A lot of my classmates at the time also came to support and encourage me at the launching of the book in 2012.

With that came much more than I ever needed:

· money

· popularity

· friendship

· opportunities…

That was how I got the money I needed as a teenager.

If you apply the method it will work for you

Develop the skills that enable you to identify problems and going to work to gain the skill or knowledge on solving them.

If your offer can deliver on the result and is easy enough to follow, you will get rewarded for it.

Get the right people to see it and get the money in exchange.

Money has to be exchanged for the value provided.

If you can provide a needed value to the right people, you will get the money you need in exchange.

I hope this article has been helpful in giving you a guide on what to focus on getting more money?

Did you find it helpful?

Leave me a comment on and tell me your thoughts! I’d love to hear from you!

Thanks for your time.


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