If You Structure Your Idea This Way, You’ll Have Enough Words to Express it

A simple guide on writing 5 minute-long articles.

You can’t discuss an idea beyond the extent of your understanding.

The more of it you know, the better your discussion on it.

It’s not just blabbing and repeating what you already wrote. Understanding an idea a certain way will open the flow of words to express it in ways that benefit just anyone that reads it.

And here’s the secret: structuring an idea aids better understanding and facilitates discussion.

If you’ve ever struggled to write 5 min reads, it’s not because you didn’t understand it or something.

You understood it.

The challenge was that you didn’t structure the idea in a way that makes it easy to express it in about 1000 words or more.

And that’s what we shall quickly figure out in the next few minutes.

Here’s how to calculate how long it takes to read through an article:

Read time is based on the average reading time of an adult (roughly 275 WPM). We take the total word count of a post and translate it into minutes. Then, we add 12 seconds for each inline image.”

Hope that’s clear enough?


Now let’s give your idea a 5 mins read structure

Photo by Aziz Acharki on Unsplash
  1. Take a paper and write a suitable title and subtitle that informs the reader what to expect from the article. (15–20 words)

2. Write a comprehensive overview of the idea. (300 words)

This is what the idea is about and its significance to your reader.


Overview = the about of an idea + its significance

3. Write a strong “why” the idea is important to the reader. (300 words )

That’s why should your reader care? How does the idea affect your audience as a person, their finance, their health,…

Here you’re trying to persuade your audience so they can take action on the idea.

The best way is to appeal to their self-interest.

If you can do it well, it becomes easy to take action on the idea.

3. Then, an actionable “How to” about implementing the idea. ( 300 words ).

This is the step-by-step guide on taking advantage of the idea.

4. Your conclusion. (30–50 words)

The main points and a final thought.

5. And then add three feature images before each point. (12 seconds each)

Photo by Cole Keister on Unsplash

And that’s it, your five-minute article is complete!

That’s one way you can start rolling 5 mins (about 1000 words) articles.

In conclusion

Rolling out 5 mins reads is simple.

All it takes is giving your article a 5 mins structure:

a title and subtitle (15 -30 words)

a comprehensive overview (300 words)

a strong why to care (300 words)

an actionable how-to about your idea (300 words)

a conclusion (30 to 50 words)

3 images for each point (36 seconds)

If 300 words in each of the main point seems daunting, do some research on them so you have enough supporting points to drive home your main points.

Well, that’s how simple it can get.

Hope you try it in your next story.

Thanks for reading.


    1. Really?


      You know what?

      I think you’re more organized than you think, Jim.


      I have read through some of your articles and they flow.

      It if were not organized, it wouldn’t have such flow.

      I think some writers naturally roll out organized pieces even without keeping their minds on the structure I have highlighted in this article.

      And I think you belong to that rare group.

      Liked by 1 person

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