Should You Focus on Writing Short or Long Reads?

Here is my humble conclusion on it.

After reading a few stories on why 7 mins ( about 1800 words) reads are important, here are my premises and conclusion.

I do not disagree:

Numbers don’t lie.

Statistics show that 6–7 min reads lead to 20–40% more recommendations.

Here’s what is also important:

You need not write long articles to top your game.

Most times less can be more.

Some writers like Ayodeji Awosika and Benjamin Hardy, Ph.D pull a lot of traction with long articles.

Only a few do it so well.

In the same vein, I have also read some stories about the same length that turned me off halfway through.

Long articles are not for everyone.

Recently, pressure has mounted for writers to write 7 min reads for reasons ranging from recommendations to more readers and a lot of other stuff.

But don’t just accept anything on face value.

Here’s why that advice isn’t for everybody:

1. It takes more work than you think

It’s not just typing 1,800 words that are the work, it’s far more than that.

The work is making sense with those words.

It’s having something of value to say with every paragraph that is worth the reader’s time and money.

Most people come here for tested ideas that work and to change their lives with those ideas.

The best good we can do for them is to offer those ideas and strategies without adding other unnecessary cargoes.

The effectiveness of an idea is not in the multitude of words.

It’s in the precision of those words.

2. It’s wiser to stop writing where the ink stops flowing

As long as you have something valuable to say please do.

But when you have exhausted your ideas and knowledge, stop.

The wise writer writes what he knows and nothing more.

If you knew more, the ink would have kept flowing.

When it stops, it is a sign that you’re out of relevant ideas on the issue.

It means you have offered your best ideas, and that is good enough.

Nothing is worse than empty words—your readers judge the rest of the article with it.

Remember: when the ink stops to flow, it’s time to stop.

Photo by The Creative Exchange on Unsplash

3. When word count becomes the goal, you lose out on the most important thing.

And what the most important thing?

Answer: helping your reader with the gift of your words.

Not everyone earns the privilege that you have — to inspire hope by your written words.

It’s one of the rare privileges of humans there is_ to change a person’s life by words.

That’s a privilege worth preserving.

But once you lose your focus, it doesn’t matter how long the article is.

In this call that we have answered to become writers:

It’s not how far; it’s how well.

It’s not about the length of the story but how valuable it is to a soul in need of the ideas in the story.

Never forget that.

4. Somehow it’s selfish and writers that only think of what they will get rarely thrive

The focus is now on how to write 7 min reads, not the reader. It’s no longer about sharing actionable steps to the reader on living a better life.

That’s sad.

We are writers because they read what we write.

Why shouldn’t we have them as the focus when we write?

We are not writers because we write short or long articles.

We are because we touch and transform lives with our words.

Word count isn’t bad.

It isn’t.

But to focus on the word count over the value for the reader’s time and money is not a good idea.

In this game of ours, always remember that the need of the readers come first.

Photo by Mattia Ascenzo on Unsplash


This is not to discourage you from writing lengthy stories.

Not at all.

The intent is not making word count a priority over the reader’s need.

If you have something to teach and the details will help us understand it, why not?

We will read it and appreciate it.

That’s what we need: Articles that offer value for the time and money.


You don’t have to.

Time is precious.


Because time is life.

Don’t waste it.

Because no one has it in abundance.

Writing on any platform is about giving something of value to your readers.

It hasn’t changed.

Not something lengthy.

Not something short.

If it’s lengthy and valuable.


If it’s short and valuable.


The goal is value; whether it is a 4–5 min read or a 7–8 min read.

Thanks for your time.

# Gracias 🙏


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