All success will come at a price. Never forget that

If it were free, everyone would have it

Photo by Monica Silva on Unsplash

Make no mistakes about it.

Never think it will be different.

Success will always come at a certain price and value at a cost.

Make no mistakes about that.

I did for a fair share of my life.

But it didn’t serve me well.

I wasted years thinking and hoping I could get around it.

And I don’t want t you to go the same path.

You can write it where you can almost always see it so you won’t forget:

All success comes at a price and value at a cost.

I didn’t design it that way.

Nobody did.

We found it so.

It’s the way life is.

And it seems it has been for a long time. And the way I see it, it will stay a long time.

So you’ve got to play by that rule.

Success is not free.

What does success means to you?

It could be any of the following metrics:

  • more money
  • more friends
  • more love in your marriage
  • peace of mind
  • a healthy and strong body


It is not just one thing with people.

For me, it was more money.

I didn’t have the privilege of wealth growing up.

So more money was what will tell me I’m successful.

That’s what success will look like when it comes.

That was it for me.

It could be different for you.

But whatever your metric for success is, always remember that it’s going to come to at a cost.

You’ve got to pay to have it

I played around it for a while hoping it will come.

It didn’t.

Then I sought to find out what was wrong.

I stumbled into Jim Rohn’s video.

After watching some, I knew what was wrong:

I wasn’t willing to pay the price:

  • to read the books
  • to plan my day
  • to set goals
  • to go the extra mile at seeing things through.

When I discovered it will not change unless I do, I changed.

I began to buy books from the little I had.

And I began to read them for life change.

No longer do I follow some of my friends to play after school.

I began to set time aside to do the work _ to pay the price for success.

It paid off

I published my first book, The Great Path Of Destiny, at 19.

I got an admission into Medicine/Surgery the following year.

And ever since, life has been better and the future surer than it has ever been.

But that’s not without the price paid. Else it would have been a different story.

Yes, the money came.

For the first time, I made a dollar equivalent of $300.

I was proud of myself.

Not just me but my family and friends alike.

I paid the price.

I was successful.

What does it take to succeed anywhere?

Photo by Jesper Aggergaard on Unsplash

It begins by first defining in clear terms what success means to you.

1.Define success for yourself

It’s more powerful when you do it yourself.

Personal is powerful.

Someone could define it for you.

Not bad.

But it’s more powerful when you define it for yourself.

If you ask me, I will suggest you make it personal _ define it in your terms.

Personal is powerful.

2. Find out what it takes and commit to its demand.

This is the price component to it.

Even after defining your what success means to you, you’ve got to pay the price to become successful

Success isn’t free

You already know that.

So approach it that way.

Final words

Life doesn’t get better because anyone hopes it does.

Anything left to itself never gets better.

Things don’t work out themselves; we have to work them to get better.

If we don’t cultivate the garden, the weed takes over.

Life is no different.

Success is not free_ it has a price tag to it.

And until we pay the price, we can’t hope it will ever work out.

Never forget that.


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