The Thinking that Moves People Forward

Not all thinking moves people forward.

Only a few do.

Of those few, the most effective is to think contribution.

How you can contribute to a bigger course than just yours and yours only.

That’s the thinking that moves people forward in life and business.

There’s one thing peculiar about the minds that think contribution:

The minds that think contribution are some of the most creative.

They don’t think contribution because they have a creative mind. They have a creative mind because they think contribution.

Because they think about how to solve a human problem, it activates their creative minds to accomplish that task.

From research and careful studies, companies that think about how to give a better experience to their customers by solving their problems succeed the most.

More often than not, companies that think first giving to their customers dominate their categories, create new ones, and maximise profit in the long term.

Think contribution

Nothing else keeps your creativity alive.

And to live without solving a human problem is to waste the greatest asset a man can have_ creativity.

The essence of creativity is to solve human problems. Thus, making people lead a better quality of life.

There’s no greater use to which we give it.

Only those who think about contributing value to others ever do.

Paganini was about the greatest virtuoso of his time. At eleven, he performed his first concert.

He was a revolutionary.

When he died in 1840, he bequeathed his violin to his birthplace of Genoa, on one condition_ that nobody plays it ever again.

But as it’s for wooden instruments, they show no wear as long as we play them but if they lie unused; they decay.

Paganini’s violin gradually began to decay.

Other instruments of the same vintage, handed down from one musician to another, continue to bless the world.

What a lesson!

Creativity is priceless.

Through it, we can enrich the quality of life.

Apple, as a company, has enriched the lives of millions because there’s an obsession to give phone users a unique experience.

But you can’t just be creative because you want it; it only comes when you’re driven to solve problems for people.

When you think about what to contribute instead of what to take from the system.

That’s how people get creative and so move forward in life.

You get creative looking for solutions.

When you think about how to solve problems, it activates your creative mind.

Once it gets activated, the journey has begun.

It’s a life-long journey though, but you will enjoy every bit.

Nothing delights the soul like it!

Sweet is the journey of creativity_ nothing else gives that feeling.

In the quest, you will find not only make people’s life better, but you will also find peace for your soul.

Your journey starts where you are.

Now you’re in a community where people need practical solutions to solving their problems.

You are on WordPress.

Make it a promise to add value or two to anyone that took the time to read your stories.

With every story you write, aim to make your reader a little better.

When that becomes your aim, you will:

  • do the research;
  • read good books;
  • hone your craft;
  • write with compassion and concern
  • be happy when at least a part of their lives gets better because they read what you wrote.

But that’s not all.

It doesn’t end there.

If you do the work of success for others, the Universe takes care of yours:

You will get more creative in solving problems, you will get the recommendation.

Your readers will spread your good news. And others will find you.

You too will get what makes life a worthwhile experience and much more.

The greatest joy in life is for a writer is to have someone say:

“I got my life back when I read your article.”


“I got my marriage back when I read your advice on relationships and applied them.”

Nothing else does the soul a better pleasure than that.

Never forget

Problem-solving depends on creativity more than anything else.

Only those who think how to make the lives of others better are get creative the most.

And the best of humans alive are those who think about solving a problem.

Not just theirs but for others.

That kind of thinking moves people forward.

Thanks for your time.

I hope you got value for it.

#Gracias 🙏


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