The same way a good piece is written line by line so is a good life lived day by day

Living a good life is one of the greatest blessings of life.

What a good life means varies with everyone.

However anyone defines it, there’s a common ground.

I tried coming with a description that what a good life means to anyone.

This was the best I could come up with:

Going to bed each night fulfilled and beaming with a guarantee that the next day was going to be like the prevoius_ even better.

To have such a life is not as hard as it seems.

Just anyone who cares to know what it takes to write a good article/ piece can live a good life.

The life of man bears this similarity with a piece of writing.

A good article is written line by line.

Making each line as perfect as it can be.

So it is a good life.

A good life won’t come overnight; you have to live it day by day.

Today is a chapter.

Live every minute.

Live it as the best you can.

Do the work_the work that makes you the happiest the most.

This minute won’t come again. After it comes next. Yet a blank page to live the best you can.

If you live each day the best way you can, as much as lies within your power and mind, you would have lived a good week.

If you live a good life in one, two, three, fours, one week after another, you would have lived a good month.

Habit is powerful.

If you can set it in motion, it drives itself.

A good life is a habit_ you develop it for yourself. And you do that one day at a time.

If you have lived a good life for a month, chances are you will for a year and another and another and another…

Let the young man focus on the line.

If he’s able to craft good enough lines, he will write a good paragraph.

And let him continue to build another paragraph the way he builds the first.

Again, he’s written another good paragraph.

And so doing he’s written a good article without blemish.

A good life isn’t different_ its lived hour by hour.

Make this hour good, and the nest hour and the nest hour, you have lived a good day.

Now the next day.

Focus on making each hour count just like you did the first and you have another good day.

A day you go to bed better and happier because you did the work of a good man.

A day, wherein you helped another who was weary. A day you did the work that brings you the greatest of pleasure and fulfillment. A day you did what you were proud of.

Anyone can live a good life.

If you can write a good piece, I assure you that you can live a good life.

The process is the same.

Take a good piece and inquire from the writer how he wrote it.

” Line by line” he will tell.

What a line is to a good piece is an hour to a good life.

So dear friend, tell me, how would you live a good life?


  1. Totally agree with you. We have to take it step by step. We have to feed our mind with productive, kind, loving, useful thoughts and then turn those thoughts into actions.

    Have a wonderful day Jousha! πŸ’•

    Liked by 1 person

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