The one error preventing you from having success with people

Your success in life depends on the support of people.

If you’re going to be successful it has a lot to do with people.

With their support, you can achieve your life goals and the height of good success.

With their disapproval, you may not really go that far taking the journey alone.

On a serious note, you have to learn how to deal with people and have success with them.

Nothing helps your success like having the support of people around you.

And nothing impedes your progress like their resistance to your progress.

It’s easier to succeed in life with the support of people than without it.

If you’ve had a tough time getting people’s corporation and support, it could be that you’re not thinking right toward them.

And since the thinking isn’t right, you can guess that the action can’t be right.

If you knew people were more emotion-driven than logic, you would have acted differently than you’ve done in the past.

Many a failure in life has been due to failure with people.

The man who doesn’t know how to succeed with people will have a tough time achieving success.

But the moment you understand people and why they do what they do, you will have better results.

People’s actions are about 85% emotion-driven.

That’s what you might be missing.

You didn’t know their emotions have such a massive influence on their actions.

Here’s the paradox:

About 85% of people think and act as if people’s actions are logic-drive.

That’s the reason only a few percent of the human population is massively successful.

Here’s the first rule of massive success in life:

“The power is with the people.”

It’s easier to persuade people than to convince them.

Convincing them against what they already hold firmly to is the hardest work there is.

You can’t depend on that for your success.

There has to be another way.

Learn to persuade people

This is about the easiest way to have their corporation and support.

Here’s the best advice I’ve got on this:

“If you want to persuade, appeal to interest not to reason.”

People only care if there’s something in it for them.

They don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.

If they must move in the direction you want them, if they must buy from you, if they must work with you, you have to start with why they should.

And their greatest why is self-interest.

That is, what’s in it for them.

Begin with why

If they know why they should get involved they will be interested.

And the way that gets them interested is the benefit that will come to them if they participate.

If you can take control of this part of them you will have a smooth ride with them.

Human emotion is like a monkey. The only thing that moves it is banana ( i.e benefit).

Tell them the benefit and they will be interested.

If they follow you, and you deliver on your promise they will trust and support you.

And success in life will be far simpler than you ever can imagine.

In the end, your greatest leverage is people.

If you have their support, succeeding is easy. But if you have them resist you, it becomes hard and sometimes impossible.


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