You Can Help People With Their Problems [Even if You’re Not A Doctor]

There’s no better achievement in life than helping someone in need.

What you do for yourself lives and dies with you.

But what you do for others:

  • Your care when no one was there to show them one;
  • The concern you showed when they were neglected by all else;
  • The attention you gave them when they needed someone to talk to;
  • The assistance you rendered when it was as if there was no hope they will see the next day;…

These live on. From generation to generation.

We may forget those deed that came when things were good but we’ll never forget the ones that came when there was little hope well see the next day.
Good deeds tend to be more valuable when all hope seems to be gone.

That’s when it’s needed the most. That’s when they count.

People are going through a lot.

People have challenges. People have problems.

And that’s why you’re here.

If we can heal the world, we can make it a better place.

That’s the greatest course anyone can undertake.

To go to best each day knowing you did your best, not just for yourself, but for humanity.

And they are all around you:

  • The widow who has been abandoned by children and family members,
  • The student in class who doesn’t seem to do well in class like his peers;
  • The man in the neighborhood who doesn’t have anyone visiting because he’s poor…

All around you.

Yes, all around you.

People commit suicide because the hospital seems too far.

Sometimes because the doctor seems not to care anymore.

Sometimes because they feel not to bother anyone with their problems.

Don’t wait until they call. Don’t wait until they beg you to hear them out.

Don’t wait until the challenges of life have overwhelmed them.

Don’t wait until there’s no strength again to talk to anyone.

Don’t wait until it’s too late.

Every obnoxious, act said a wise man is a cry for help.

Swing into action.

But with understanding.

Understand that problems are not just biological.

Most human problems have both psychological and social components to them.

Thays where you can intervene.

If you are not a doctor you may not be able to prescribe drugs or give expert medical advice.

But that’s even the last step in medical consultation.

The best personal development strategy I know have a purpose with them:

Work hard on your self so that…:

  • Your song can inspire others to pick up the fragments of their life and make something from it.
  • Your words can mend a broken heart.
  • Your money can feed the poor and the less privileged.
  • Your approval can give someone a job.

That’s the real goal of personal development.

You want to leave this world with a sense of fulfillment that comes from knowing you did your best.

Be Empathetic

If you can feel their pain, you will understand their struggles.

It would put yourself in their shoes then you will respond with compassion.

Create trust

Be real. Nothing else build such trust.

If your intentions are real, it becomes easy to trust you.

Trust is earned by being genuine both in thought and in action.

Let them know you’re human too. And they will identify with you.

The happiness of those around us is our social and moral obligation.

I know a lot of people.

But the best of them are those that take it upon them to be under obligation to act right because it’s right.

They wake up each morning and write because someone, someone might pick it and find reasons to believe that they can still achieve their dreams.

They wake up each day and record a song and send it to the world for someone somewhere who is already giving up hope on life.

Yes, they are under obligation to do good because it’s right.

The great success guru Zig Zigler once said, something so profound (and I concluded with that):

You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want.”

Let’s heal the world and it will make a better for me and for you.



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