Writing: why it gets easier to some…

It doesn’t take much effort for some writers to publish articles every day.

Even publishing two articles isn’t much work for them.

Writing is as easy as breathing to them.

For others, however, this is not the case.

What makes the difference?


The way each of us approaches writing is what determines how easy or difficult it gets.

Writing is a conversation

Yes, I know we all know that.

But how many times do we approach remember this when we sit on the desktop?

That’s why it’s difficult for me a few years ago.

Now, it’s a lot easier. Much easier than it’s ever been.

“What changed?”

My penname?

My country?

My computer?…

None of these.

The most important change was my mindset_ how I approach the writing process.

Now I wake up and say something like :

What can I tell my friends about writing and life today?

“Thinking 🤔 telling them about my difficulty as a young writer will make a good conversation.

Yeah, my experience will help one or two.”

Then I jump on my typing pad…typing to my friends about my experience and lessons.

Isn’t that interesting and easy?

That’s how some of my articles come about.

This one you’re reading now came from the above conversation I had with myself this Friday morning.

That’s how its got easier for me and a number of writers know.

And you can join the club today_ the club of happy writers 💯

Without cost dear friend!

Just a change in how you view the writing process is enough.

But it’s easy all the time but not as compared to when I approach it without this mindset.

Sometimes test days in Med School compel me to write short articles.

In those days, I just have to be brief and post something short.

Yesterday was an example_ I had a test in Radiology.


Final words

This morning I just want to say I so much love you and wish you a lovely day today!


Without you, there’ll be no me. You made me a writer because you read what I post here.

Once again, I love you from the depth of my heart ❤️.

Good morning


Happy New Month



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