Why you should choose to be a hero rather than a winner

The world doesn’t lack winners. And we don’t need more winners anymore.

The world needs more heroes _ those who live so others can have better lives.

When you win, it’s you that won; but every heroic triumph is for the people_ for others.

In the end, what stands the passing of time isn’t what we accomplished for ourselves but how others became better because we lived.

A number of individuals on WordPress have become my heroes.

Though few, they mean the most to me.

I would have long given up or perhaps even stop being a writer here had such individuals not come my way.

They brought the sun ☀️ to my world.

One day when I tell my children my story, I can’t but mentioned some individuals whose contribution made it possible for me.

They are my heroes and have taught me how to become one.

They have thought me that:

  • a smile to someone who’s having a tough day could be a heroic deed;
  • a hand to someone who’s just starting out is a heroic deed.
  • a word of encouragement to a weary soul is a heroic deed;
  • a pat on the back could be a heroic deed;
  • to give a listening ear to others who just need someone to them out is a heroic deed.

They’ve taught me that heroic deeds are mostly the little things that mean a lot to people.

And I’m so thankful to have come across them in the journey of life.

What the world need are heroes, not winners.

And the only way we can do that is to start by thinking contributions:

  • “How can I make someone smile today?”
  • “How do I make life better for these young ones?”
  • “In what ways can I help these individuals with this situation?”

Bottom line: people-oriented thinking precede heroic deed. And heroic deed make heroes.

Let’s live this day a hero to someone.💞💪


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