How stress is ruining our lives

One of the greatest gifts of man is the human relationship he has with another.

The right relationships are powerful. The time we share with another person is one of the greatest gifts there’s:

  • It makes us more human. We are better able to feel and share our feelings with others and they with us
  • It’s therapy. By sharing our concern with another person who genuinely cares is a huge therapy. Sometimes all we need is just a listening ear.
  • We see life better. Most times, what we see is not what it’s actually is but how we interpret them. With the help of those who care for us, we tend to have an objective view of life.

But there’s a deficiency of those experiences in most relationships today.

Stress_ the enemy of deep connection.

People are now more shallow than has ever been.

Stress is eating away our ability to go deep in our relationship with others.

For that reason, the experience of true connection is eroding faster than has ever been.

People are busy with a whole lot these days _ social networks, parties, traveling, hanging out…

In themselves, they are not bad but by the time we don’t discipline ourselves to engage with them when appropriate and to a safe extent, we fall a victim to stress.

Stress is the direct result of attending to more activity than is essential.

The only potent antidote to this social virus is “No”.

Saying no to a lot of nonessential is the key to ward off stress from our lives and relationships.

Just realize that in any situation of life, what’s required is not more than 20%_ the rest are not essential at all.

When you have less to do, you will have more time for the things that are essential:

  • Your relationships_ with your family.
  • Your health_ to do your exercise and treat with good nutrition.
  • Your spirituality_ to cultivate your spirit and soul.

These are the major areas where you need deeper connections that’s also targeted by stress.


The man who lose his relationships, health and spirituality is a loser indeed.

Lead a personal revolution against stress.


Say no to a lot of things.

Here’s how a child spells love :





Surprisingly that’s same way your spouse, children and family spell love too.

Whatever you don’t have time for, you don’t really love.

I think our lives will be much better if we start writing a NOT TO-DO LISTS rather than a to do list.

Cut downon your activity and you will have more time to do the essentials of your life.

Thats how to win the war against stress.


  1. Thanks for sharing. Very interesting!

    I recently read an article regarding stress and how Good communication is one of the most essential tools for effective stress management. A passage that was shared from Proverbs 15:22 – There is a frustrating of plans where there is no confidential talk, but in the multitude of counselors there is accomplishment.

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