The Secret to Writing Contents That Connects With People

This is one of the most difficult content to write when you don’t know the secret.

A lot of writers publish articles that people can’t connect with and they keep wondering why.

I too was there for a long time.

Sometimes I write stuff that people resonate with but at other times I’m the only one who resonates with it.πŸ˜ͺ

But since I discovered this secret, it all changed. I’m now better at writing such articles.

Here is the secret:

People connect with contents that address or meet their needs.

Because that’s what they care about the most _ their needs.

BIG task!

How can you land such content? How can you write articles that meet people’s needs?

It’s simple. Two things :

  • Know your audience
  • Figure out what needs/challenges they have

If you write an article with that background_ your audience and the possible challenge they have_ you’ll write stuff that connects with them.

And here’s what I’ve found:

Nothing connects with people like what/who addresses their needs.

People’s need takes priority in their lives.

Like a thirsty man seek water, so do people seek content that addresses their needs.

Companies are not left out.

Companies that succeed the most think about their customers and how they can meet their needs.

The writer who wishes to connect with his contents must also think that way.

He must think about his readers and what needs he can address with his contents.

Else, you will spend your precious time making products that have no utility in the market place.

Here’s what I did before I sat down to write a word of this article:

  • I knew a lot of those who read my posts are bloggers like me.
  • And so one of the needs or challenges common among bloggers is writing content that pushes the human button_ contents that people connect with.

So my audience is bloggers/writers.

The need I aim the article to address is difficulty in writing content that connects with their readers.

You got that, right?


Button line:

People only read what they care about. And there’s nothing they care about more than their challenges or needs.

Contents that they care about MUST address a need/ challenge they face.

Thanks so much for reading πŸ“–

#Smiles πŸ’•πŸŽ


  1. Nicely written and I agree with you. If I add something to this, I think it is equally important to include an effective heading to your article as its by reading the heading that anyone decides whether they are going to open the article or not. No matter how good your content is, if you fail to impress the reader with your heading, they may just skip your article for some other article which has a better heading but some low quality content inside it.

    Have a wonderful day Joshua! 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Really?

      One of the ways I use
      to figure out mine is
      readers reaction to what
      I write.

      Especially how many comments I get on the article.

      That way you can figure out what they care about.

      It really helped me a lot.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experience
      Good morning


      Liked by 1 person

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