Who Else Wants to Make This Productivity Shift?


publishing this story last week, some comments came running in from fellow bloggers and friends.

It was one of the few posts that generated objective comments in perspective and opinion.

But there was a comment I replied to that birth this post.

It came from Ash.

After replying to that comment, I sat back and saw something interesting about making progress in life:

The progress you can’t objectively measure will do you no good.

I thought about it for a while and found out it was true: if it can’t be objectively measured, it has little or nothing to orient you in the journey of life.


Life itself is like a voyage. And as in all voyages, the magnetic compass is what allows you to determine the direction even if distractions obscure your usual sense of direction.

One of the greatest shifts that’s done me the best was this:

Changing the metric of my success from time to numbers.

There two reasons why I found this important and vitally important:

1️⃣ It Gives A Clear Sense of Direction.

Your signals won’t always be clear. Sometimes the cloud of life will obscure our natural navigation cues.

For instance, failure.

Failing in the pursuit of success is the norm. But you will be overwhelmed when you don’t have a sense of how close you are to hitting the point.

At those times the reason why people give up is that they don’t see any reason to carry on.

And one of the most objective hooks to persevere in moments of failure is the compass of progress that tells you how you are doing so far.

And that gives you a sense of advancement.

A sense of advancement even in seemingly failing in an attempt to make it gives a reason to persevere.

If you know how well you are doing, it gives you high positive reinforcement to do more.

2️⃣ You’ll Make The Most Of Your Vital Few

The 80/20 rule also called the law of the vital few states that for every event, roughly 80% of your results come from 20% of your effort.

And the vital few is 20% of all your effort and activities that bring about 80% of the result.

Individuals that make it big figure out their vital activities and focus 80% of their time and effort on them.

That’s how individuals and corporations make vertical progress against the horizontal progress of the majority.

When you chart your progress it gives you a cue to what’s major and what’s minor in the pursuit of your objectives in life and business.

A chart of progress not only tells you whether you are succeeding or not, but it also tells you what’s responsible for those outcomes.


The progress you can’t objectively measure will do you no good.

Success is a numbers game. If you can measure it then it will enhance your productivity dramatically.

Productivity is enhanced by having a clear sense of direction and maximizing your vital few.

All these are possible when you are able to objectively measure your progress.


opinions, perspective, and thoughts are highly welcome.

Most times your feedback adds more value to the post and some perspectives that i didn’t consider initially.

Thanks for reading 💕

#Good morning and

#Happy New Week!

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