Writing:From Frustration To Flow

Hi friend, good to be here with you again. Hope you had a great night? 😘


I gleaned a piece of advice from a young lady a few days ago.

It was in a piece where the setting was that she was dating Writing.

So interesting to read anyway.

After the analogy, she went on to reveal the lessons she learned over a long relationship with Writing.

And of all she shared, this was my favorite:

“Writing is like any worthwhile thing; you have to work at it. But the more you work at it, the better it gets.

The work turns into play. You move from frustration to flow. And then one day, you look and realize you’ve got a good thing going.”

_Annie Mueller

So many quotes I read this week, but this was my favorite. πŸ’•

Just one more thing: Did you observe I didn’t write or post anything yesterday?

Yes, I couldn’t. Something really happened which i will share with you after I return from the hospital today.

I know you will really like it and find it useful.😊

Till then, please take good care of yourself and have fun dearie.😍🀩😍

And thanks for reading.

Wish you love today.

# Good morningπŸ˜€πŸ˜Š


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