The Work Of A Writer Is To Show Significance.

Anyone can report a story of a witnessed event; but not all can bring out its significance_ what that story means to the people.

The story is important but what’s more important is its significance.

A reporter tells an event but you’re not just a reporter _ your job is to tell how that story affects your audience.

And this skill can helps you in so many useful ways:

You can write on any subject of choice.

A number of Publishing platform out there requires that you discuss a wide range of topics to succeed. This skill can help you a whole lot.

All you have to do is to go into some sites like Wall Street Journal, Reddit, WordPress, Business Insider, Inc.,… and then interpret those stories and how they relate to your audience.

This way you rarely lack what to write about.

This is where a blogger is different from a journalist or a reporter. Where a reporter tells us stories of events, a blogger interprets what those stories mean to the people.

In other words, a blogger shows the significance of stories or events.

That’s the work of a blogger_ to show significance.

Try that out today: go to any of those websites, and take on any story you love, have an opinion of it, and then show its significance in your blog.

That’s it.

Give it a try today.



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