Why Writers Should Go Fishing

Writing is to academia what sex was to nineteenth-century Vienna: everybody does it and nobody talks about it.”

(Wendy Laura Belcher)

By yourself, you can’t always come up with new ideas all the time. Sometimes, you’ve got to check what the public is interested in, and write a story on it.

That’s why you need to develop this skill.

The most important skill a writer can develop is to be able to have an opinion of a written work and tell the story from a unique point of view.

Having an opinion of what you read or experience is a right to a story on it. You don’t have the right to write on anything you have no opinion.

And to tell it from a unique point of view, is what completes the process.

Everyone has a story to tell. The problem is, the large majority can’t even make a opinion of what they read.

The articles you’ve read, the experiences that’s occurred in your life and of those around you, your observations about life are enough raw materials to write a story or article about_ if you can come up with an opinion on them.

The articles written by others on some topics are a sea of ideas and observations others have made.

You should be able to go to fishing on those sea, come up with an opinion of the idea and tell the story the way you see it.

That’s what it means for writers to go a fishing.

But how shall we develop this skill?

Well,… This is what I know is this: Like any other skill, it can be developed with practice.

Begin by reading on topics that interest you and start to comment on them.

That way you’re kinda birthing that skill.

Sometimes you disagree with the writer’s perspective, other times you see it from another point of view.

But whatever the case, share your opinion. Whether in the comment section on the article or writing a post about it on your blog, just share your opinion.

That’s my suggestion on how to develop this skill.

Hope it helps.

So today, try as much as you can to go a fishing.

Wish you an amazing time fishing! 🤗


      1. Studying medicine is hard yakka in any country … here it’s crazy long hours and intense study for years and then the practicum. Sounds like you are dedicated … time for socialising once you’re qualified. Good luck with it all 🙂

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      2. Honestly 🤓

        It’s so cool you could relate so well, I feel kinda drawn towards you Kate.

        Thanks so much for relating.

        # You just made my day

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