This Is The Crown of A Writer


the last few days I haven’t been posting as frequently; I have been busy looking for ways on how to optimize my posts/stories.

Seeing some articles written by some great writers I respect so much, I decided coming up with detailed and “standard” write up.



It’s a good idea of course; but that it’s a good idea doesn’t mean it’s good for me( or you).

That it’s a good idea doesn’t mean it’s good for you.

That’s one of the lessons I learnt.

However, here’s the BIGGER lesson I learnt:

“Work done is better than well done.”

It sounds better that way, but this is what I mean:

Work done at all is better than work well done.

It takes time to get “well done” works done. Work with gold quality takes time to create.

But here’s another secret: it’s faster to get quality from quantity than with time.

I got that from my experience:

The moment I was searching on how to optimize my article I lost the habit of writing; and was left with the work of writing.

The habit of writing is the crown of a writer.

And that crown comes through daily work of writing.

That moment taught me the true meaning of what Og Mandino once said:

Measure your day by the seed you sow; not by the harvest you reap”.

I learnt that it’s not the number of likes, comments, reblogs, or followers I get from previous posts, but the stories/posts I publish each day that is the greatest determinant of my future as a blogger.

And today,… I pass that lesson to you_ it’s what you get published each day that is the seed.

This is my simple and candid counsel:

Write and publish something every day. That’s how you get the true crown of a writer_ the habit of writing.

The work of writing is good but the habit is better.

One leads to the other. And when you take a hold of the habit, please don’t let it go.




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