Either Of Two Things Happens At The Sea Of Opportunity:

The internet has become an ocean of opportunities unlike any other single platform.

It has become a huge job generator for the economy. Studies has shown that the internet has generated 1.2 million jobs over the last decade.

But with this vast ocean of opportunities comes a major challenge: more than half of the population are going to be discouraged in the process of maximizing this opportunity.

And you know why?

Overwhelm: the empire of success built by the forerunners in the some fields are going to overwhelm the minds of the newcomers.

What inspires also perspires.

The success of others can inspire as well as wear you out. The success of Warren Buffett can wear out the mind of a newcomer in the business of investment_ if he wants to get to that height overnight.

In some fields, some individuals have created some huge successes that can overwhelm you in the attempt to match such results from where you are currently.

This is the reason why a lot of people are going to back out from the game and eventually go on lack in the midst of plenty.

It’s that kind of situation the internet economy has created.

If You Must Succeed, You Must Know How To Thrive.

The greatest enemy of thrive is being overwhelmed.

The most effective_ yet very practial_ way to thrive is to prevent being overwhelmed:

“Don’t let your mind jump forward and see the big picture.”

Confucius gave it in a simple line:

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. ”

That’s how to maximize this ocean of opportunity without getting overwhelmed_ taking it one bit at a time.

Stroke, Stroke, Breath

In his legendary feat of crossing the English Coast over to France, Miquel Suner made it through with this simple strategy.

The distance took 42,000 strokes.

He swam without a wet suit, in a 14 – 15 degrees water.

And how did he do it? His mind is never further from stoke, stroke, breath; stroke, stroke, breath.

Eventually, the journey of 42,000 strokes, with no wet suit and in water of 14-15 degrees water was accomplished.

And the secret was going one bit at a time_ Stroke, Stroke, Breath.


What inspires can also perspire.

The success of a lot of people can be overwhelming to young minds_ and that’s why a lot of people drop out of the game and settle for less.

Desmond Tutu once wisely said that ”

There’s only one way to eat an elephant: a bite at a time.”

That’s the way to thrive and not be overwhelmed when faced with a vast opportunity for success.

Do Have A Most Amazing Day Today ♥️


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