Here’s One Tip To Shape The Content Of Your Posts

Everyone has what it takes to write. But not everyone can communicate with his writing.

The writing that communicates is the writing that get its message across clearly and simply. And that’s the writing that’s got a direction.

When you give your content a direction, it fails not to achieve the purpose for which it was written. That way, both the writer and the reader gets on the same page.

The simple tip to get this kind of writing done has nothing to do with the technical side of writing; it’s by filling the gap:


The action word you fill the gap with will help in shaping your message. It helps tailor the message to the need of your audience.

It also helps to channel the facts in your head towards the accomplishing that purpose.

That’s how to write customized posts_ tailored to the need of a specific audience.

One advantage

of this kind of writing is that it flows_ it gets easy to come up with something comprehensive and of value.

Writing to effect a predetermined purpose is the best way to get into flow with writing. And when that happens,even the writer is changed in the process.

Men and women transformed themselves by engaging in productive activities_ activities guided by a purpose.

What the purpose does is to shape the message to effect its aim.

That’s how to shape the content of your communication_ by defining the action of your audience when you are through.

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