This Is Your Secret To Peace Of Mind

“Since we can’t have what we like, let’s like what we have.”


greatest wrong anyone can do to himself is to continually put his mind in a state of unrest.
Peace is the perfection of condition any mind can have. And you can get there without a cost.

The only requirement is to stop the worry over what you can’t change.

Peace is a result of cooperating with yourself on things you can’t change.
Today, people will have an opinion of you.
So should you worry about that?
Why because, you can’t do anything about it. It’s not even important.
By the time you begin to worry over it, you deny your mind of it’s peace_ its place of rest.

Today, you’re not going to be the President of the United States Of America.
Now should you start worrying about that?
Hell NO!
You can’t. Donald Trump is still in the White House.
You can’t even campaign!
So hold your breath and let the worry go. You don’t need it.
Many of us can’t write stories like Steven King.
So should we worry?
Hell NO!
We are not Steven King.
See what someone told me one day that sent my worries packing:

“Joshua, always know that your best is good enough.”

Those words changed my life. I was used to fretting even after I have done what is possible for me. And that feeling constantly put me off balance.
But the day those words came into my heart, the story was no longer the same_ it changed me and I had peace of mind.

That’s the word I pass to you today:

Your best is good enough.



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