Blogging Is The Breath Of A True Writer.

Just as the living needs to breathe to remain alive so does a writer needs to write to remain a writer.

While others write because it signal a sense of being responsible and cool others are born with a penwhenever and a writing pad.

The first can live days, without writing and yet feels nothing wrong. They write whenever they just feel like.

There are people like that. Unfortunately what I want to know explain here doesn’t apply to them

For a true writer, to cease to write is to cease to breathe.

It’s just habit they have no control over; for true writers, writing addiction.

A true writer can’t live a day without writing and feels the same!

It’s quite impossible.

This is one of the ways you can really judge if one is a true writer or that he just cultivate the habit.


To them this is more than a habit; it’s a nature.

That’s who they are.

Others are made of flesh and blood_ the true writer is made of words.

Others may love writing and that’s why they write. To a true writer, writing is like breathing_ he doesn’t have to love it, he writes because it’s in his nature.

Writing Is Living

Without writing, the writer in us begins to die with symptoms.

Som of the reasons being that:

First, writing is the ritual that cleanses our soul from the toxins of daily living.

The purity of a writer is tightly linked to his craft; each writing makes him pure that he was before the writing.

The second is that writing sets the pace for other activities.

Without writing, some persons would tilt towards insanity.


Writers just have to write to remain sane.

To a true writer, writing is therapeutic; it prevents and cures the illness of the soul and mind.

I don’t know the kind of person I will turn to be today without writing. It is my rescue from the captivity of life.

Today, I send love to all the true bloggers out there.

And I wish you an awesome experience writing.

Happy New Week.🤓♥️♥️🤓


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