My Early 20s: The Lesson Learnt And The Due Paid.

“Friendship is like money, easier made than kept.”



this and looking at my life, the strongest reason why I had lost a number of my friends is COMMITMENT.

Friendship thrives on long term commitment from both partners.


very first second girlfriend I had broke up with me when the burden was so heavy on her cos I was no longer committed.

She complained and complained until she wasn’t able to do it all. And then she threw in the towel.

Twas really painful though… Buh that’s life: You gain some, you lose some.

That’s one of the lessons I learnt in my early 20s.


the lessons of life are not free. It took something from my life_ my Sweetheart.

Sometimes the due we pay to learn life lessons could be very expensive.

But you can’t get some experience otherwise_ You just have to pay the dues, sometimes.

The due I paid was the relationship with someone I deeply loved in my early 20s.

Well, I feel bad about the due but so grateful about the lessons.

# Smiles.


there’s one of such you would like to share, why not 🤓, share it with me in the comment session below:

And I will be so glad you, dearie ♥️

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