Failures Do What Successful Do Except This.

The most successful people I know are not busy. They are focused.

_ Jeff Goins.


suprised me too that the difference between success and failure is not hard work. On the contrary, failures even work harder than those who are successful.

Sometimes, successful people don’t work as hard as the unsuccessful.

See, failures do most of the stuff successful people do:

They work hard;

They set goals;

They read books;

They have good intentions;

They buy online courses;

They go to seminars

They pray;

They love God;

They love men.

At least, some of them do.

I was there before_ I did them all.

I couldn’t believe it either, until it happened to me:

I Did Them All

I was a very nice guy with goals and dreams.

At about the age of 20, I had more than a 60 self-help books.

And I read most of them.

I loved God, I respect my parents, my teachers, my elders… I was responsible. I did my homework, I tried to buy CDs of success seminars and all that…

But. I. Was. Still. Failing!


I later learnt that:

The difference is not hard work; the difference between success and failure is how they manage distractions.

Failures work hard but are highly distracted.

They even have to work so hard because of the mountains of distractions around them.

In every labour there’s profit; but the labor of distractions is the only labor that’s no reward_ it rather wears one out.

The labour of the foolish wearies everyone of them because they know not the way to the city.

The one thing successful people do and failures rare do is being focused: making tangible action steps towards what truly matters.

Focus Is Discipline

Without the discipline of focus, it gets almost impossible to achieve any worthwhile goal.

Warren Buffett once said:

“The difference between successful people and the really successful people is that really successful people say no to almost everything.”

And sometimes, the really successful people say no to even the good things.

Neglect the gold when you set out to pursue silver.

When silver is the focus, don’t get distracted by the gold.

Here’s why:

A disciplined mind is of more value than what it achieves.

That’s the value of a focused mind.

When a mind is trained to be disciplined, then it can achieve anything it desires. In the end, what matters is not what it achieves but what it has become.


is way easier than it appears. But it takes a focused mind to get there.

Never do anything that’s not in your schedule for the day no matter how good it appears.

To everything in life there’s a time. And the time for silver should never be used for gold.

True success is not about what you achieve, it’s rather about the person you have become.

Today, resolve to do only that which you set out to do.


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