Why You Should Begin To Embrace Your Imperfections.

There’s always going to be a part of you that don’t fit in. But don’t worry; that’s what makes you unique and true.

But a lot of times we work too hard to change this or that about our lives that we fail to understand that Imperfections are a necessary part of life.

Imperfections Are A Necessary Part Of Living

You and I need the imperfections in our lives as much as the “perfections“.

You can’t live a balanced life without the blend of the two.

That’s who you and and don’t try to change that so hard that you lose sight of the whole beauty of your uniqueness.

Don’t do that to yourself.

Just admit the person that you are first, both your curves and edges and then improve on your imperfections.

We Have Confuse Imperfections For Disadvantage.

Your imperfections are not your disadvantage.

Most of us are waiting for the day we will be completely perfect before we embrace our dream.

We’re waiting for the time in our life when we will have all the money before we begin to live.

Waiting for something to be completely right before we do a certain thing.

Life has never been fair; except in theory. In reality nothing is ever perfect_ they are only balanced.

Just as the night balances the day so does your imperfections balance your perceptions.

In life there’s no perfection, there are only balances.

And it’s learning to live with these two seemingly contrasting realities that gives meaning to life.

That’s the way you become at peace with yourself.

Peace of Mind Is When You Begin To Love The Totality Of Your Being.

This is one of the greatest gift you can give to yourself.

Learn not to be proud of the good alone, be proud that you don’t fit in sometimes.

Sometimes be proud that you fail ; sometime be happy that you get rejected; sometime be cool when you say “No” to a request.

When you get angry sometimes, don’t judge yourself. It’s a proof that you’re human.

That’s when you truly begin to appreciate the beauty of life.

Here’s how it’s created:

By a blend of the perfections and the imperfections of life.

You have just one life, live it to the fullest.


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