Like A Well Written Text, So Is A Disciplined Life.

A disciplined life, like a well punctuated text, carries a clear message and achieves results without much effort.

In our lives, discipline are the punctuations in our lives.

Living without these punctuations one of the biggest mistakes anyone can make in life.

In the 10 Harsh Truths You Need To Hear Right Now, Jessica Hagy revealed a subtle truth:

“There are a hundred of cognitive biases built into your cerebral circuitry.

Don’t be so sure that what you think is true, or even in sync with reality, and know that everyone else is battling with the same obstacle of logic.”

It’s easy to assume we are living a balanced life, when each day we are deviating by some 1°.

And the summation of this over a few years results, we land in a totally different destination.

Don’t let that happen to you.

Life is busy. It’s easy to drift off thinking we are still on the right track.

Assumption is that bias. And you can’t base your only life on it.

Just about anything can go wrong when you are in the pursuit of something else:

  • Being active on social media for too long, it’s possible you’re compromising your relationships.
  • In the process of achieving your vision and fulfil your career goals, it’s possible you’re drifting from cultivating your spiritual life.

Life is busy, it’s easy to drift even without realizing it.

It’s so easy to lose course.

It’s easy to sway from those relationships when in pursuit of a career objective.

Who can’t fall a victim!

The thrill of getting the likes and comments; the high that comes from getting more money… clouds the brain from logical reasoning.

Anyone can fall a victim.

Just as it’s possible for a writing to lose course if not guided by punctuations, so is a life without discipline.

Get A Day Planner

But you can start changing that today just by a simple technique.

So simple that you can start today.

All you need is a note pad small enough to slip into your pocket and a pen.

Divide it into two into a left and write column.

On the left record what you should accomplish with time tags on each item:

  • Read two posts on Forbes – 7:00 a.m
  • Write and publish two posts on your website – 9. 15 a.m
  • Sent a mail to Anthony, an old friend – 11: 50
  • Go out for a date with Caroline – 7: 00 p.m

On the right, add some few matters arising:

  • Few modifications
  • Goals you didn’t think initially. Slot them into where they could fit into your game plat for the day.

If you can follow this game plan each day and make it a habit, you will have your life in proper balance and that way success in life will be yours.


Life is busy; without measures to curtail the buzz, you can fall victim.

What punctuations does to a piece of written work, discipline does to a life.

To lead a balanced life, we need discipline_ the punctuation for a balanced life.

This is your life, make it a masterpiece.

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