Your Future Is Not A Time To Come_ Don’t Wait For It


future is not a certain point in your timeline;though that’s what almost everyone think it is.

And because we think that is what it is, we rather sit down and wait for it.

The future you wait for is not the future; it’s time. The real future is the version of you in that time.

You don’t wait for the real future, it is what you become. And you become it by working on you.

Everyone became whatever he is.

If he is happy and wealthy, he became it.

If he became sad and poor, it is because he became it.

The great preacher of the gospel, Fredrick K.C Price said it so aptly:

If you succeed, it’s your fault.

If you fail, it’s your fault.

We Fail More For Violating Mental Laws Than We Do From Physical Laws.

The better we get at righting the wrongs in our thinking, the better life we live.

The becoming of the person you see in your future is the journey of success.

Rather than focus on becoming, a number of us sit and wait for the future to happen.

The only thing that happens in your perceived future is not without your effort invested in yourself.

The only effort that changes you into the person you can see in your in the future is your own effort.

Self development Is A Choice. A Choice To Be The Person You Are Capable Of Being.

To journey without being changed is to be a nomad. To change without journeying is to be a chameleon. To journey and be transformed by the journey is to be a pilgrim.

__ The Book of Awakening

A lot of ideas on self development. Today I bring you a different message.

There is something better than improving by reading books and doing all the self improvement stuff you are familiar with.

Success and happiness parallel how much value we create for others.

Not how many books we read, podcasts we listen to, or YouTube videos we watch.”

Said a certain copywriter.

And the best way is not to become a person of value but to be that value.

Being a messenger is good but becoming the message is far better.

Let others improve on themselves. You should do more than that by being your future.

That’s way far more than improving on yourself_the conventional path taken.

If you can become the you you see in the future and internalise it, then the sky will be your starting point.

Begin to drive the evolution of becoming who you see in your perceived future.

That’s the way to an amazing life experience anyone can have.


What makes the future is not the time. Neither is it the place. What makes the future is the version of you in the picture.

What many people rather do is mistake the time for the person.

The future is not time; the future is the person that makes the point in time valuable.

The power that drives that evolution is to internalise that version of yourself into the present and become it.

If you can become what you see in the future, you bring the future into the present; and then your new future becomes your transcendence.


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