Hey! Want To Know How To Read More Books? Check This Out.


should you care to read more?

Two reasons:

First, knowledge is the raw materials for ideas.

Next, you will leap years ahead of your peers.

Nothing gets a man so high like the right knowledge.


more books helps you more than you can ever imagine. Books can do wonders.

Writers who read more get more traction.


Their fertile mind draws upon a broad knowledge of a whole array of topics and interests.

Great writing comes from solid research.

They are just full-blown wonders!

It’s difficult for some of us to read one book in two weeks. Not because we don’t have what it takes but that we focus on the wrong side_ seeking the living among the dead.

If only you knew before now what the most important part of a book or an article is!

This is it:

“Place. Names. Dates.These are unimportant. The lesson matters.

Forget everything but the message and how to apply it to your life.”

__Ryan Holiday, Bestselling Author of ‘Ego Is The Enemy

The most important part is the message and the its lesson.

If you get the message, you will also, most likely, get the lesson.

It works magic when you know this. You can automatically have a spike in your reading speed when you know that what’s important is not the dates, the names, nor the places; but the message.



no magic bullet. To get more traction as a writer, you have to know more.

And books ar some of the best island for that.

Reading a number of books can be difficult if you read looking for the wrong stuff.

When you read for the right stuff you gain speed; and that right stuff is also what means the most.

Read for the message. And you have latch unto the key to getting more books read.


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