A Short Article On How To Write A Long One

Writing a long articles can be daunting sometimes.

But there’s an approach that makes it simple and easy.

This is especially important if you write for major publications. Most of them publish only articles of 400 words and above.

That’s why I have written this article. For you.


Break your article into

  1. Introduction
  2. The main idea
  3. Conclusion

DON’T Start With The Introduction:

Start With The Main Idea.

The most important part of the post is the main idea.

Open a separate page in your note or divide your page as I did with this article.

Write the very idea you want to discuss on the top of the page or at the center of the draft.

( Can you see the lines dividing this article into three? Yes, that’s what I want you to do).

Pour your soul and brain on that page. Write it all down.

If the idea is a problem you wish to help your readers to solve, explain the problem.

Define the problem. Describe it in detail.

Make it clear so your readers can really see it as it really is.

If it’s an opportunity you want them to take advantage of, also describe what it’s.

Ideas for a post could either be a problem or an opportunity.

Your post is either to teach us how to solve the problem, or how to take advantage of the opportunity.

Here’s a very important point:

You must work in short bursts. 15 – 25 minutes.


What you are doing is really connecting ideas to create a new thought.

In the naked sense, what we call creativity is actually the art of connecting ideas.

What you are trying to do is to get two ideas that were separate in your mind and put them together to make a thought.

Ideas come in pulsations.

Sometimes ideas flow. However, when you allow the flow to go on without breaks, its concentration begins to drop.

But if you work in burst, you allow the mind do what it knows to do best_ connecting ideas.

The mind is a master connector of ideas.

In between your breaks,ideas will come in pulsations; add them to the ones you already have on paper.

Now it’s time for the rest of the article:

Write The Conclusion.

Summarize the the main idea.

The “idea” is the real content of your post.

Summarize it in the conclusion.

Bring forward the punchlines, the strong points, the heavy weight micro ideas that makes the main idea.

This is where you give the main idea a snap shot.

Finally, Write The Introduction

This should be what the reader should hope to find in the article:

An understanding of his challenge, the steps to go about solving it and the benefits.

The Introduction:

advertising the benefits of reading the content.


The title is the promise of what your article will do for your readers.

We’re Done!🤩

This is how you can begin to churn out 500 words and above, for major publications. And doing that at will.


I will be glad to receive your questions, comments and contributions.

Do Have A Great Day Today…♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️


  1. Prior to the day you choose to publish your Article:

    Preferably, you can decide to write your main ideas in the mornings and try to develop them as ideas continue to drop into your mind in the afternoon.

    And write both the introduction and conclusion in the evenings .

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