The Genius Way Of Producing Content

Inside every individual is a genius.

Whether he explores it or not is what’s important.

There’s something peculiar to genius work:

Genius work isn’t planned_ it’s spontaneous.

This is one place where planning and thinking will serve you less; you have to be spontaneous to come up with something amazing and unique.

Here’s the difference between genius and other persons:

Geniuses do the work and think later. For the other guys, thinking and planning comes first before doing the work.

It sounds a good idea to think before you work, isn’t it?

Here’s the truth:

Genius work draws from imagination_ not thinking.

Those who think are logical but genius exhibit the power of imagination.

While distraction is a setback thinking, it fuels imagination to create and invent amazing works of art.

A good number of what they came to be famous for came out of sheer distractions from ‘work’.

Here’s what Eugene Schwartz, one of the greatest advertising man in history said:

My greatest inspiration or creations come when I’m shaving.

In his words, “You’ve got to break out of that conscious prison to be unconsciously creative, which means to connect unconsciously things that haven’t been consciously connected before.”

Some of your writing that will go viral will come from those you produced out of your imagine_ by just allowing your mind to play.

Just begin to write and publish.

Add flavor to the writing process:

Write in the bathroom, write in a church, write in the movie, write in the your garden, write when traveling… Make it fun writing.

Genius is your imagination having fun.

When you remove fun from it, it loses its magic.

Have fun always with your imagination; that’s how genius roll.


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