Are You Building A Blog or A Life?

An unexamined life, they say, is not worth living.

Have you recently examined your priorities as a human being_ a father, a mother, a sibling, a pastor, a friend, a cheerleader,…

Usually not.

Life gets busy.

So driven by the need for likes and comments and follows that we tend to forget the other side of life.

If you live well, you will write well.

The source of good writing is a good life.

You can have a good blog without a good life; but you can’t have a good life and not have a good blog.

Studies have shown that people love contents that’s got the human factor them.

The game has changed_ those who strike it hard are those who have a lot of human experiences in their lives.

Check the records, those who connect more with humans are those who are human themselves.

As you go about building your blog, please don’t leave your life to slide out of your hand_ the real source of your story is your life.

As we live the life we have more stories to tell.

That’s the kind of stories we love to read_ stories with human moments.

Remember, your blog posts are the stories of your life. Without the life, there will be no story.

How worth is life when all you have is money, good social media presence, viral articles, when your relationship your husband,wife, friends and loved ones is nothing to write home about. Because you don’t have time for them…

Let today be that day that you should start building a life_ start fixing the broken relationships in your life that didn’t have to_ with your kids, your spouse, your parents, your loved ones.

The blogging sphere is a busy world, but it shouldn’t rob you of your life.

If it robs you of the life, then it’s too big a price to pay.

Think about it…


  1. So true. You can begin to get really carried away at first once you step your voice out there and say here I am at the edge of the big doorway. However, I started realizing that what you said is true, you can begin to obsess and the fun goes away. So I bring my foot out a little further but I make sure it is fun. It keeps my feet happy too. Thank you for sharing!!

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