Hi Blogger, Never Make Your “Mini-Skirt” Longer

Keep your posts miniskirts!

So it’s short enough to retain attention and long enough to cover the subject.

That’s what win in the market place of readers and writers

Those who give their readers the miniskirt experience have the lion share_ they are the ones we love to read the most.

You just become the first person that comes to mind.

In case you didn’t know, most people read for the feeling.

The truth is this:

There’s nothing new under the sun_ almost every stuff you want to write about has been written before.

What sets you apart is giving your readers a unique experience.

And the post that give that experience, like a miniskirt, are short enough to retain interest but long enough to cover the subject.

Why You Should Keep Your Posts Miniskirts.

Keep your shirt short_ your readers have got a short attention span; shorter than the 9 mins of the gold fish.

Keep it short_ they already know about it; they just need a different feeling.

Keep it short_ that’s the way to make them your Oliver Twist; always wanting more.

As much as you can, after creating a ‘miniskirt’, make no attempt to make it longer.

The longer it gets the more diluted its flavor.

Check the records, most viral articles are not long skirts; most of them are either miniskirt or medium.

Quotes are classic example of articles that go viral. You can guess the secret of their vitality


Let other writer keep long skirts_ but not you.

In this game of writing miniskirts wins.

If you’ve got a mini-skirt, don’t make it longer.

Make your next posts miniskirts and you see us lurking all over the place with shinning eyes.

Thanks For Reading And Have A Great Day Today.

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