In The World Of Content Creation, Two Kinds Of Writers Exists _ Which Are You?

Content creation is quite similar to a manufacturing industry_ we create stuffs.

We create stuff in forms of blog posts, music, painting, and all that…

It’s quite an interesting and challenging place to be sometimes; never the less, it’s a world worthwhile.

While the traditional manufacturing companies creates stuff for the body, we create stuffs for the mind.

And in that world where you and I are part of, there are two kinds of creators:

  1. Those Who Create Consumables; and

  2. Those Who Create Raw Materials.

Here’s the difference between them:

Creators Of Consumables

On consuming stuffs from this group, nothing else remains after reading the contents_ your perspective is unaffected, your mindset doesn’t change, it doesn’t pass new ideas to you.

In simple terms, they are stuffs that lack utility.

Creators Of Raw Materials

This group is quite different_ what they serve you shift your perspective, broaden your horizons, pass to you ideas to come up with something of value.

From what they write, you could catch some ideas on how to solve a troubling life issue, fix a broken relationship, or even come up with ideas on how to structure your next start-up company.

In simple terms, this is contents that’s got utility.

Coming Up With Contents That’s Got Utility Is A Journe

A lot of us began from the first group_ that’s a good place to start.

Most of my early contents on WordPress sucked_ even to me. They were quite more of the first group; sometimes even lower.

Sometimes, I write stuffs that I can’t make head or tail of_ it was that bad!

But with time it got better; following reading and careful study after some bloggers in a number of platforms.

It always gets better with practice and consistency.

Writing contents that’s got utility takes time and study after some bloggers who are on top of their games .

Don’t merely read their contents; study them.

Coming up with writing that’s got utility is a craft_ it can be learnt.

One of the most powerful means was given by William Faulkner:

“Read, read, read. Read everything- trash, classics , good and bad, and see how they do it. Just like a carpenter who as an apprentice and studies the master.

Read! You will absorb it. Then write. If it’s good, you will find out . If it’s not, throw it out of the window.”

I wish for you to encounter such writers and bloggers that will serve you contents that will make you a better blogger.

And please when you meet them, don’t only read their contents_ study them. Analyse them, hold them till they surrender their strength to you.

One before long you too will be a go to blogger for other writers.

I have confidence in you ‘cos you’ve got what it takes.

You can, if only you do what it takes.

Have a great day today!


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